Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Ticker

Time has really flown by, but it feels like it's moving slower than ever at this point! I remember when I added that baby ticker gadget to my blog it said "139 days to go" or something. I did a post a while back when it said 99 days to go because I was so excited to be in the double digits. Anyways if this baby arrives before I'm into single digits that would be sweet, but who knows...

Tomorrow is my official last day of work... CRAZY. I can't believe it, the changes are so surreal in my life right now and I only hope to be prepared for them. I really hope I can do my best to prepare but lately I've been so busy I feel I've only been able to prepare with the materialistic things for the most part. Sometimes when I stop to take a moment and think about the bridge I'm going to be crossing so soon into motherhood almost makes my head spin. Which I hope doesn't sound negative, because I'm not feeling that way at all. I am simply becoming more and more aware of how vast the change is going to be. There is so much to becoming a parent that I don't even know I need to be aware of at this point. So however long I have before she comes and I'm finished work I hope to try to relax, spend a lot of time on my knees, catch up on sleep, and continue to take it all in.
One thing I have REALLY come to understand more and more everyday is why our Heavenly Father wants to send his children down into the unit of a family. My heart breaks to think that some women are in my position without the support of a husband. I'm so glad I have Jason. The support I feel from him lately is amazing and it makes my heart melt to know how excited he is. He's been so sweet, and he's been so helpful with the "nesting". He knows I stress out at work while being there I am not being able to be in the home with little energy I have left and can't use to prepare, clean and organize for the baby. In the last couple weeks he has had the couch steam cleaned, all the blinds cleaned (which is a HUGE task in it's self), the bathroom, tub, fridge, floors and load after load of piled up laundry. He even stripped off the cocking that was between the laminate and baseboards and re-did it. He has been staying on top of the house lately so wonderfully and I am just overjoyed. I only hope I express how happy it makes me so he knows how much it really means to me. So Jason if you read this (which you do sometimes) just know I love you and THANK YOU!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Excited and Feeling a Little More Ready...

Well we're feeling more ready than ever I should say. I don't think I will feel entirely ready for this transition in life until I have my little baby girl in my arms, and even then I'm sure it will just be the emotions of joy and excitement that will distract me from some of my uncertainties. But up until this morning all we really had were a few pieces of clothes and a painted room waiting for furniture. At 10 o'clock we rushed off the Direct Buy after receiving word that the long await for our crib was up. I was SO excited. Jason worked hard to put it together after we arrived back home. Later on this evening I headed over to the chapel where my sister's and good friend Lindsay hosted me a wonderful and beautiful baby shower. I thank them from the bottom of my heart, and can't wait to repay them when it's their turn. So here we are in a longer than desired moment of limbo. We finished our prenatal classes on Thursday and we have most of the things we need to be prepared for out little girl's arrival. It's a slow waiting game at this point, and certainly a more and more uncomfortable wait for me as time goes on. I am soo excited to be able to sleep on my back again and not have the aches and pains of my unproportioned weight. It's getting really tough to head out to work each day and Jason has been so kind to drive me more often than usual. My doctor has told me to start telling myself and everyone else that my due date is at the end of April rather than the 14th so I can subdue the frustration and anxiety of going late. There is a very good chance I could, or not but it's tough to think that I'll have to keep this up for over another month. However I have almost forgotten what it feels like to not be prego and feel somewhat "normal" again. Either way I have been trying so hard to be optimistic, and simply hope for the arrival of a healthy baby girl when she is ready to come into the world. I'm overjoyed thinking about the first time I'll hold her in my arms and to have her become a member of our family.
We love our little girl, and can't wait to meet her! I think Jason thought this pose was a bit cheesy... I thought it was way cute. I had taken the liberty of googling "cute couple pregnancy photos" and discovered this one :)
A little roomate reunion action. It was great to see all of them, it`s been a very long time and I found out my friend Karli is expecting!
Me and my wonderful sisters. I love you two, thank you for everything.

Our crib we set up today. Still waiting on a matress, but I wanted to see what the bedding looked like.