Monday, January 24, 2011

Brooklynn's Morning

We've had a few instances this morning courtesy of Brooklynn that have just made Jason and I shake our heads and laugh. For starters I was loading the dishwasher and Jason was on the computer and all I hear is him say, "Oh my gosh, look at the baby swing!" Brooklynn had laid her huge monkey in it, turned the swing on and the music. So needless to say it was pretty funny to see a monkey rocking back and forth, she even swiped the blanket I had covered Alivia in and placed it on her monkey!
Lately she has an obsession with tissues, bounce sheets and dish clothes. They are all used in various ways to make beds or wrap up her dollies and stuffed animals in. This morning she switched things up a bit and I discovered her banana she was eating for breakfast carefully snuggled in a dish clothe.
These are just a few of the funny things our daughter brightens our day with and I don't want to forget them.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


The day she came home from the hospital.
Finally have my baby in my arms.
This was the day I came home from the hospital. I was just having a long awaited "Brooklynn fix"
I put the water bottle beside her so I could remember just how little she was. She was seriously SO tiny. I think she is only 3 or 4 days old here.
Sisterly love.
This was the outfit we brought her home in from the hospital. It doesn't fit her anymore-already!

3 weeks old!
Mom and her girls.

Such a little lady.

They chunk out pretty quick over here. We changed her nickname from "Slim" to "Squirt".
Brooklynn trying to sneak in for a quick "cheese" Alivia is almost 4 weeks old here.

Oh boy it's hard to blog when you are the you have a newborn and a 21 month old! Alivia continues to be a little sweetheart, and wonderful little baby. She likes to go to bed a little late though and we are trying to shift her a little earlier... I can't shake a 1am bedtime for some reason? Oh and she likes to stay awake and be the fussiest when Brooklynn takes her nap. I have had to drag her in bed with me lately and just hold a binky in her mouth so I can take a little break in the mid day. Sometimes I get some much needed shut eye, and other times just a little break from being on my feet. Like I said, we're working on it. Otherwise she is a pretty chill and happy little baby who likes to sleep and eat really well the rest of the day and night.
It's a joy having her in our home and Brooklynn is adjusting a lot better. It was a little hard on her the first while and she would act out/ be jealous when I would nurse Alivia. Brooklynn would try to climb onto the nursing pillow and wedge herself between Alivia and I, she would even hit now and then. We've realized that she needs a lot more positive attention, and if we ask if she is in need of cuddles or hugs (we replaced ineffective time-outs with this) her demeanor changes almost instantly. She becomes pretty lovey-dovey and showers us with kisses, especially Alivia. So, so far that's been a really positive remedy.
Alivia has been growing like a little weed and changing everyday. I still have so many more photos to add to. I'm hoping I can keep up with it as I just try to keep up with life lately.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meggie Bear

Since Alivia has been born I have had a lot of extra help here and there with Brooklynn. It's hard for me to entertain her, and I feel like I have been a lazy mom when it comes to being fun and energetic enough to keep her from going insane in our little home.
Auntie Megan picked Brooklynn up last Saturday and took her out on a "girls date" with her girls and Auntie Kristin. I heard Brooklynn had the time of her life at the mall and she even went to Build-a-Bear! So Brooklynn now has a little "Meggie Bear" and she loves it. Megan you set the bar pretty high when it comes to being a fun and upbeat mama!