Monday, June 30, 2008

MY HUSBAND...... If you read this consider yourself tagged!

What is his name... Jason Murray Lee
How long have we been together... We have been married 1 year and 2 months. If you want to include the time we dated it will be 2 years as of this October.
How long did you date... We dated almost 4 months before we were engaged
Who eats more... Sadly I do. Jason is diciplined to stop eating when hes satisfied. I often eat to the point of complete bloating... Over eating is BAD I know!
Who said I love you first... Aha tricky! Jason asked me if I loved him (sneaky I know) and I said yes BUT he replied with "good, because I love you". So he officially said I LOVE YOU first. I think it should be the guy first too. But if you know Jason well enough he says it the other way around.
Who is taller... Jason - Thank Goodness!
Who is smarter... Jason is very book smart and I am Fountain Smart
Who does laundry... I do more and finish what he starts. It's less of a disaster when I do it!
Who sleeps on the right... If you are looking at the bed from the foot, I sleep on the right.
Who mows the lawn.... We don't have a lawn of our own. Although Jason is in charge of mowning the property around our buildings or in charge of getting someone to do it.
Who cooks dinner... I love cooking! I just wish I had more time to practice and learn. Jason does have a special dish that he cooks sometimes.
Who drives... We share one car for now and he drives 99% of the time. However if we are driving a standard car I take the wheel.
Who is the most stubborn... Yikes! We can both be stubborn about certain things I can't say one is more than the other... but for the simple cause of humbling myself I will say that I am a lot more :)
Who kissed who first... He kissed me first on our second date.
Who asked who out first... He asked me to go golfing with him. But told me NOT to call it a date... But it was a date, he was so cute and romantic! He only told me to not call it a date because I had to turn down a date to go out with him and it sounded better to say that I just had "plans" already. I just like to tease him about that.
Who proposed... He did of course! We have a video to prove it to.
Who has more friends... I have friends all over the map but Jason has tons of friends in Calgary and does a lot more with his friends. So I would say he does...
Who is most sensitive... Haha need you ask??? I cry over everything.
Who has more siblings... Its a tie! He's the middle of 5, and I am the second of 5.
Who wears the pants... He does for the most part but I am the one who works away from home 9-5 while he's at home working, sometimes cleaning and playing with our dog. Tables will turn and he will completely wear the pants soon enough!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Utah and Other fun stuff!

No... I didn't take this photo. But we saw these girls perform last night!

Well I mentioned that I would add pictures of mine and Jason's trip to Utah. I know that is has taken me a little longer than I anticipated to add them but we have been sooo busy! And its not going to stop yet... We actually just arrived home from Edmonton today. Jason and I drove down to visit Amanda and Dayln. Jason and Dayln spent all day Saturday working on installing kitchen cabinets, Amanda and I put together a few but spent the evening at Cirque de Soleil. It was very cool to finally see such an amazing show. It's really incredible what the human body is capable of. Anyways we're back now and have another busy week ahead of us. I am trying to get my house ready for my sister to come and visit. Not to mention it is the end of the month and I have visiting teaching plus some baby showers and other fun events. Yipee! Please don't think I'm complaining because I look forward to all these things. I really do! I just can't remember the last time I had a free Saturday...


The Wimmer's (our cousins) seriously have the sweetest backyard ever. We had a ton of fun playing soccer that night. We miss all of you very much! Thanks again for a wonderful time!

Jordan and his studly groomsmen. (Jordan, Seth, Jason, Dave and ?)

Jason and I in front of the waterfalls.

The reception was held at Thanksgiving Point. It's a beautiful 65 acres of garden room and golf course. The front of thei Garden room had waterfalls, a little stream that ran down the side. It was simply breathtaking!

Our dinner table at the Joseph Smith building. Jenn and Dave Low, Austin and Lisa Gough, Derek and Courtney Lee and, Jason and I.

The Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom- Such a cute couple!

There are about five different wedding parties on this side of the temple alone competing for shade. Photographers were yelling over one another and it was simply chaos! It was really weird and something you'd only find in Utah. Like I said the Salt Lake Temple is a bride and groom factory! Someone mentioned that there were approx 45 weddings between 9am - 2:30pm!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Fabulous Trip

Well I have plenty of photos to come but a lot to say as well. Jason and I had a great time in Utah and the weather was sooo nice! I was happy to hear that Calgary got a break from the rain earlier than expected too. Summer started incredibly late this year, and I am happy that it finally feels like it is hear to stay :) (My fingers are crossed) We arrived to Salt Lake City late on Thursday afternoon. We took a shuttle to Rugged Rental and picked up our hot little car, it was a touring edition Sebring. We called it the blue Ferrari! Than we drove to his Aunt Christie's house, who lives is Highland UT. I can't fully explain how much fun we had with them, and how sweet and awesome they are. They have a beautiful home, and a huge backyard that we enjoyed playing soccer in. One of their neighbors had chickens, and the other had a mule! So it was a nice balance of country and suburbia living, my kind of heaven! Jason and I enjoyed some shopping at the Park City Outlets on Friday...actually A LOT of shopping. The deals there were incredible. Jason got some very nice golf apparell which I am assuming that he can't wait to sport properly on the green... Lets hope he gets enough school done first :) Saturday we spent ALL day celebrating Jordan and Trisha's official sealing and wedding party. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple and let me tell you that place is like a bride and groom factory! They were everywhere!! I think there were over 40 sealings on that one Saturday. Imagine how many weddings happen through the whole summer let alone the whole YEAR!?! But their wedding was just beautiful. The sealer mentioned that even though we see many weddings happening all around us we can't be blind that there are a lot of divorces too. When we are married in the temple we have a lot of adversity to deal with still because Satan is detemined to have it not work out and it will seem very hard at times to make our marriage work. But the tools are there for us, and it can work. We have to use the tools given to us continually. By doing so we can have a successful marriage. I loved hearing that because I know marriage is tough and it is really hard for most people, but we have so much promised to us and so many blessings that our Heavenly Father wants to us to enjoy with our Eternal Companion. We just have to do our part, and going to the temple and hearing the blessings that are promised to you in a temple marriage makes the work seem easier an so much more worth it. "To Infinity and Beyond!" (haha the temple sealer ACTUALLY quoted Buzz Light Year in the sealing room, he said, "now I know that's not scripture, but it's GOOD!") He had an intersting sense of humor... but either way I liked it! We enjoyed consistent beautiful weather during our stay and enjoyed just being able to relax a bit even though sometimes there was a lot going on. It was hard to leave none the less but we will visit again soon, hopefully! I have many many pictures and as soon as I sort through them I will be able to post them. My next post will be mostly photos with captions so check back soon.

Our hot little car!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Utah Weather is looking Fabulous!

I am soo happy right now! My mood just changed very quickly because a moment ago I was ready to curse this blasted weather again!! Our T.V. keeps going fuzzy because the rain is coming down so hard and the satalite is losing it's signal. It looks dark, ugly and very wet outside so I have been couped up all evening with Max. It would be soo nice to go for a walk and enjoy the evening, but no it is pouring STILL. Anyways if you are still wondering what changed my mood all you have to do is read the title of this blog. :) When we arrive to Utah on Thursday it is going to be +20'C AND sunny, then on Friday it will be 25 and 29 degrees on Saturday!! WHOO HOOO!!

I am crossing my fingers that I might even get a little bit of a tan!!!

Calgary is suppose to rain continually until Monday next week, and that it when we come back home. So for all of you stuck here in the rain till then I hope you find some way to enjoy it. Sorry for rubbing anything in there but I can't hold back the excitement. Seriously. :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Congrats to the "Almost Newly Weds"

Our good friends Jordan Allred and his bride-to-be had their pre-wedding reception on Saturday. It was very lovely and to be honest it was soo nice to attend a lovely wedding where I didn't really have to do any work. In the last year I, my sister and some extended family have gotten married and between setting up and taking things down and doing lots of driving they can leave you a little exhausted afterwards. However I am sure Jordan's mom did herself in more than I have yet in this life. The reception was beautiful and the food was delicious! It was kinda nice because there reception reminded me a lot of my wedding. Jason and I had our reception at the same golf course, around the same time of year, and it was even the same weather we had - lots of RAIN!!! But that is suppose to be good luck :)

They had a pre-reception in Calgary because they were getting married in the States next weekend. I forget the terms or "technical" reasons behind this, but after they are married in the States I don't think Jordan can leave the U.S. again until he gets his greencard.

Akiyah - The Beautiful Flower Girl, and Me ( I think shes giving me a little attitude in this pic though)

I got to see some familiar faces there too. My roomate Lizzie was there with her husband and I hadn't seen her in a long time. She is about to have a baby in 2 months and it was my first time seeing her pregnant too. I am very exicted for her and her husband. It was really nice to catch up. We used to share the same room before we were married and would talk about boys and everything else that was important as a YSA until we fell asleep! So catching up to her on Saturday reminded me of all our good old chats we had while living together.

Life moves so fast it seems. Everyone is all grown up, getting married and starting families and it is really exciting. This is where we find some of the greatest joys we've been waiting for in this life! I am super happy for Jordan and Trish, they make a great couple and are soo in love! Brings back those feelings again from your own wedding day. Even though marriage can have a ton of ups and downs in the first stages and so on. I remember how excited I was to be sealed to Jason for time and eternity. I sure do love him and I am so happy to share my life with him.
Sorry for getting a little sappy there!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our little guy

Maximus Decimus Meridius - It's tough being so darn cute ya know!

This is Max and his mangled one-eye bunny. I had to throw it away because it was so disgusting!Huge Chihuahua ears from his mommy, and some yorkie colouring from his dad.
"They took my MANHOOD!"
This is the third member of our little family as of now. We love him to death! I have to dedicate a post to him just so people know about him and can see some pictures of him and his cuteness. Maximus went under sugery two days ago to get chopped. It was a hard decision for a while because he's so small (4.5 lbs), and has beautiful markings, therefore he would have made a really great stud and we may have wanted another puppy down the road. But we want him for a family pet and a neutered dog handles better in some respects. They don't get these manly urges and stuff... However it was so hard for me to see him the day he came home from the vet, he looked soo incredibly sad! We love our little guy though :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Now we don't live in such a GHETTO!!!!!

So I promised to post some pictures of the new landscaping work that we've had done around the apartment buildings. I wish I had some "before" shots because it looked so bad. My friends from church said that they used to make fun of this place before we lived there because of the "whitetrash" that hung aroung it and all their crappy broken down cars, random bar b q's, and unmatching lawn chairs and tables that they would sit at and chain smoke around! So all in all we've done some serious clean up!!!

The back of the apartments. All new gardens, trees, fence and landscaping rocks.

Before we never had any Gardens just some deads shrubs up against the buildings, a dead lawn and thousands of cigarette butts all over the entrance of the building. If you dare to smoke within in 5 meters of the building now you get an eviction notice :) YAAAH!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The wedding, the weekend and how many family dinners?

Well I am pretty sure tonight will be # 3, and tomorrow is #4? Yes we have been around a lot of family over the weekend but it was a lot of fun! Aunt Christie (jay's aunt) is soo fun and her kids are so cute. There's been a wedding reception, birthday dinners, game nights and a ton of stuff going on. The weekend went so fast too. Well all in all I had a good time, and I'm sending my Best wishes to Chris and Kelsey while on their honeymoon! Congrats!

Ps: I know I have been bad with posting pictures lately but I really struggle with formatting them.. How do you stack your photos with writing in between ??? I can't organize a good post with pictures, whats wrong with me? Help?