Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthdays, Trips, and Adventures

November has been a fun month with great weather. I am really enjoying the back to back Chinooks we've had, minus the little migraines here and there from the pressure change, but a couple Advil and I'm good to go. Sure beats driving in the snow and waking up to freezing temperatures in the morning, which I know will be well on their way shortly :( So last weekend was a fun one for Jason and his dad while they hit up the 49ers game on Thursday and saw some families he knew from his mission. Jason isn't the greatest with giving lots of details, and I usually receive his watered down version of most instances or stories, so as far as I am concerned or know he had a lot of fun there, wants to move there and was happy the Niners won. The End.
We were lucky he even made it there at all because the day before he flew out he had to get a rush passport done in Edmonton. He thought he would be fine getting into the States with his birth certificate because he is American, however that is not the case... Airlines will ONLY accept a passport! SO we had a fun little, and LAST minute trip to Edmonton Tuesday night and stayed with his sister. We were able to go out to dinner and check out West Edmonton mall, which is amazing, and I must get back there soon so I can see more than the fraction I caught a glimpse of the hour before it closed. I did manage to grab some very cute things for Brooklynn at H&M, man they have the BEST clothes for little girlies and great prices.
Things are winding down now only for a short time before the hustle and bustle pick up around this Christmas Season. My tree is up, but just waiting to be decorated. I've really been busy lately trying to cook up some good baby food ideas from scratch and scrapbooking. I took on an ADVANCE (see I told you Megan) scrapbooking project on the weekend. It's a advent calendar Christmas tree, and I am quite proud of it. I may have to post a picture when it is completed. For those of you who know me, know that I struggle and haven't quite jumped the bandwagon and developed the beautiful talent of scrapbooking, especially the way my in-laws do. Maybe one day, I am just soo incredibly slow with it.

Happy 25th Birthday Jason!
Little 49ers fan in the making.

Spending some time with her cousin Treyden, they are really cute with each other and he loves to give her hugs and kisses.

Brooklynn loves her new highchair, thanks again Grandma and Grandpa. I LOVE it too, sure makes feeding time a lot better :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason

I know this is late, but I was SOO busy last weekend. We were running all over the place.
I know Jason had a wonderful Birthday though, I booked him an hour long massage and I will never question in my head again if that was a good birthday gift or not. IT WAS PERFECT. I wish I had a picture of him when he was done, he looked as if he came out of hibernation! He was so relaxed and calm afterwards, it was cute.
We had cake at our place later on, and then the following day (Saturday morning) we headed out to his parent's house and had breakfast with them. Jason recieved yet another amazing gift, tickets to the 49er's game this Thursday! Yep, Jason and his dad are off the California tonight (Wednesday) until Saturday. They will have a lot of fun, and I'm so excited for him!
Happy Birthday Sweetie - xoxo

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Be-lated Halloween!

Brooklynn's first Halloween was just as good as it gets with dressing up and looking cuter than ever, going to parties, and staying up late! We even went Trick or Treating with Daddy, Mommy and Max (to one house, The Brown's) and got a Kinder Surprise. Can't wait for next year.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Love Nothing More...

than big baby kisses,
and soft baby hands grabbing my face

squeezing my cheeks

because this is how she shows her love