Sunday, November 28, 2010

Play Days and Pregnancy

I haven't been all to active lately and a week ago bundling up Brooklynn and heading out in the freezing temperatures was the last thing I could bring myself to do- thus leaving us with a little cabin fever that week. So when Saturday came and Jason had some free time we ventured out for a play day and it was well worth it but more so for Brooklynn. Did I mention I feel SO huge and clearly I'm not the best buddy for playtime lately? Oh well, that's the ugly truth. So thanks to dad we got a good and long awaited play day at Let's Play.
It was just as much fun for me to observe from the sidelines all the fun Brooklynn and Jason had together, even if I was itching to relive my childhood memories by running through tunnels and going down the slides, I'll be there soon enough... I'm really excited for when both my girls are capable of holding there own at the park and play places together, I'll be joining them full force.
For the time being I'm the waddling pregnant mom following them around with a camera, and vicariously living through their actions and excitement, it really does make me happy and I'm truly content. I just love watching them together it brings me joy :)

These two were just move'n! She had such a blast and I think her dad did too ;)

Call it somewhat cruel but she HATED this slide but the picture cracks me up. When she made it to the end she just balled- poor thing... We gotta tough'n her up!

Here I am @ almost 37 weeks.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Potty Progress

We've been REALLY casual over here with the potty. To best describe what I mean by "casual" is that we have a potty but I'm not trying to potty train Brooklynn, at all, really. I haven't even picked up any potty training literature either, I've just listened to random advice via other mommies when the topic should arise.
Amidst the topic/ discussion of potty training I have heard it's NOT a good a idea to try and potty train your child before a big change occurs in their life. It's safe to say new sibling is a BIG change.
We still talk about the potty and she likes to venture in the bathroom when Jason and I use "our potty", we point to hers and say "Brooklynn's potty" and then our's again and say, "momma's potty".
For the most part the only interest she took in it was trying to make the music go off. If you touch two metal sensors at the bottom of the tray it'll play a celebration jingle. I wasn't excited for her to discover that at first because she would get frustrated with her potty, completely disassemble it and whine when she couldn't get the music going. All of that being said and the above is the extent of potty experiences over here, UNTIL this past week.
She decided to SIT a couple days ago(with all her clothes on) and sat on it for a while and said things like "pee pee". I embraced her courage and high-five'd her for big girl efforts. She kept that up, and usually sat on her potty while I would sit on mine. Then she sat on it with only a diaper on a couple days later. This was a big deal because anytime I previously mentioned pulling pants down or taking her diaper off she would squeal.
So the other day we were getting ready to take a shower and she was completely naked in the bathroom and she sat on her potty. I kept asking her if she had to go pee-pee but she didn't say to much, just sat there. I was really excited because I thought for sure when I turned on the water in the tub she'd have to go. I turned on the water, turned around to watch her and she stood up and went pee all over the bathroom floor, then sat back down on the potty when she was done. I told her I was sad and attempted reasoning... We will see where things go from here-
stay tuned folks!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome Back!

Nana and Grandpa Lee are back from Australia AND New Zealand! They've posted some pretty incredible photos on facebook throughout their entire trip to keep us up to speed but they had a lot of cool experiences to share with us when they got home, and of course a few presents too.
We were happy to have them over for dinner last night because we hadn't seen them in so long and let's be honest, we knew they had zero food. I love it when we get invited to eat somewhere after being away for a while and I haven't stocked my fridge yet.
Brooklynn has been a little spoiled with how much she has seen them lately. She even got to stay up late the night of their arrival as we brought her with us to pick them up from the airport.
I'm sure this isn't the easiest Monday for Nana and Grandpa to head back to work as they have been living in the future (by about 17 hours or so) for the last 3 weeks and all the flying and vacationing would be rather exhausting. We're wishing you a quick and easy adjustment and again, welcome back!

By the look on his face I think it is safe to say Max was the MOST excited about his present- a leather outback hat!
Brooklynn was pretty excited too, she got her own penguin just like the ones the Nana and Grandpa saw on their trip.
Brooklynn likes to do her "waddle, waddle" all the time. She has a love for penguins and it is pretty cute.
Some bragging rights for me. The "Tarata T" (the hardest puzzle to do in this little brainteaser game they brought back from New Zealand-it was tricky)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthday Festivities

I had been holding off on posting pictures and more about what we did with Jason on his birthday only because I hadn't posted pictures of Halloween yet, bah! They're coming but I've gotta keep rolling with what I got and I forgot my camera on Halloween for the most part and have to scrounge up pictures from my sister and Lisa.
On Friday (the 5th) we did some pre-birthday fun. Jay's sister and brother-in law came down from Edmonton--which was awesome! I am so happy they did but I know she was excited to surprise Jason and show him he's worth the trip. We had some friends gather with us at his parent's house where Jenna had slaved most of the day and made all kinds of food and deserts. The Miami game was on, Flames game and plenty of social activity to entertain for the night. I think Jason was happy to see so many friend keep trickling through the front door, we had a good turn out!
On his actual birthday we went to Earl's with Amanda(our Troll). It was nice (I love Earl's) and when we came home we did presents and ice cream cake. Austin and Lisa joined us too. He cashed in on some cool presents and I think he all around enjoyed himself. Here are some pictures to prove it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I was looking at my sister in law's blog title for her last entry and it was titled "Big Guy". I think it's great how she has a cute nickname for him and yet it describes him so well. He's a big guy and that's great. Her "big guy's" birthday is two days before my Jason's. Well today is Jason's birthday and I was struggling to find a title for "my man"- the nickname-less husband of mine.
Jason is 26 today. We are exactly 4 months apart and that makes me 4 months older. Thus giving me the nickname "cougar".
Jason is unique and so wonderful in so many ways. I love him more than I am able to express in a blog post. I am confident I tell him a handful of times each day. You can never over use "I love you's" on someone you love.
Anyways that being said and back to my most important point here, Jason I am wishing you a wonderful day and year to come. From the day we first met you've been able to get me to laugh and smile at more in life than anyone else has been successful in doing so, and that I love. I remember when I first met Jason I thought to myself, "Whoever marries that boy will be happy because he will make things fun and make her laugh a LOT". That lucky girl was me.
While I don't have any pet or nicknames for Jason, he is my everything. He's the best husband, father, friend and team player in life that I could ask for. I'm grateful for him and wish him all the best.
Happy Birthday babe!
Love, Your wife/ Baby/ Boss Lady/ Fountain/ Cougar/ Poo-Zanne/ Honey... etc etc
and whom you never really call by their first name, Suzanne xoxo