Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Clarify

I felt a little petty this morning, and decided to remove the post I wrote about my dream's of Brooklynn having a lot of hair at her age. I feel that it could be interpreted wrong. I was more or less mocking my misperception that's all. I want Brooklynn to know that I think she is the most beautiful little girl I have ever laid eyes on and perfect in every way to me. I love dressing her up and making her look very girly, and will continue to embrace it through the years and as she changes.

I love you and there is nothing I would change about you. I take pride in knowing you look like your mommy in so many ways. You have brought your daddy and I more joy than we ever knew possible and I want you to know that, and to never doubt it for a second.

Love, Mom

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recent & Random Tid Bits... from the past month or so

Here she is at 10 months old, and has less hair than when she was born. I promise you this, I will be dedicating a whole post to the day I manage to squeeze a (even the smallest) clump of hair wrapped in an elastic band.
Having some pasta with Auntie Manda.

Almost every evening we're at home she has some down time around 5-5:30. She enjoys watching some Treehouse, especially In the Night Garden. Jason and I used to be so creeped out by that show but it's actually grown on me, and she just loves Iggle Piggle.

Beginning of the month- Superbowl Sunday. Check out all the greasy food we're about to chow down.

Roommate Reunion! These don't happen often enough but are so worth it when we do.
It's crazy the different stages we're at now versus where we were when we all lived together - which feels like it was only yesterday!

This year has just whizzed right by me. Everything since the day Brooklynn was born feels like a blur. She will be a year old soon. Her little buddy next door Charlotte, turns 1 tomorrow. They are only 7 weeks apart. Time sure flies, and little babies sure do grow fast.

Brooklynn is looking A LOT older. I just finished watching some home videos of her when she was only a couple weeks old, I can't believe she used to be that little or even the fact that she IS that little infant looking so helpless and new. Now she isn't so helpless. She is into everything. Her favorite being Max's food. I am in BIG trouble when she starts walking. I'm excited for her to succeed in walking but just as apprehensive about it too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Time and Valentines

Our "love day" celebrations were stretched across the ending of last week up until the 14th. Thursday is always, or usually date night for Jason and I, and it's usually pretty simple. Most of the time it's watching our favorite shows (Office and Survivor), you know the popular line-up for Thursday night. When Jason came home from school he had bought me 12 beautiful white roses. He wanted to get them before Sunday, since we don't "shop" on the sabbath. I love flowers, it's all I really want and YES I am sucker for the girly things about Valentines Day.
Friday morning we had our "family day" since we'd be busy on Monday. We took off to Southland Leisure together and played in the tot pool with Brooklynn. She LOVES the water. It was really nice to relax and spend that day together doing something fun.
On Saturday night Jason and I were able to go on a Valentines date. Jason was running some errands Saturday afternoon and before he left, he told me to get ready because we were going out, and that he had lined up a babysitter too! I was so excited and discovered that he had lined up a GREAT babysitter at that. It was Lisa Gough! She had even offered to watch Brooklynn for us because Austin was working late Saturday. I'm sure Brooklynn had fun, and I am MORE than happy to return them the favor down the road when they will know how wonderful it is to get that one on one time together. We didn`t get home too late and after his shift was over Austin came to join us at our place and we had some white chocolate brownies while watching the Olympics. Thanks again Lisa :)
On Sunday I had to give a talk. My topic was, sacrifice and how sacrifice shows love. It was a great topic for me to take time studying over the week, and I think it turned out well. We spent the remainder of the long weekend at Jason's parent's house visiting with Amanda, Dayln and Treyden who were visiting Calgary for one of the last times before Amanda's little one makes his debut. I can't believe she is due next month!
For the next half of the week Jason spends his time studying for midterms and relaxing. He has been going pretty hard at school, and actually received a letter in the mail congratulating him that he is on the Dean`s List! We are very happy and proud of him, and he continues to really enjoy his classes, while we are still waiting patiently for a letter stating whether or not he made is into his program, The Bisset School of Business, and then he can graduate in a year.
With all of that said it's been going pretty good here lately. We've actually been able to relax a bit. I don't want to jinx anything, but I just feel like life has given us a little break from being strung out with the stress of crazy schedules, and sickness. I have also been going strong with my workout goal. I have been going to the gym three times a week for 5 weeks now. I try to attend this one class called, Iron Reps. It is amazing! You burn about a 1000 calories each class, and I feel wiped but amazing afterwards. I have noticed I have a lot more energy and I think all those endorphins are making me happier too.