Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blueberry Eyes

Alivia's eye colour is coming through more lately. Anytime I go out with Brooklynn I ALWAYS have people commenting on her eyes. And yes, I am totally biased but I love them and if she was someone else's and I saw her, I'd probably point out how gorgeous I thought her eyes were too. I used to think she set the bar pretty high for our future children if their eyes weren't as big and peircing blue, however Alivia seems to be in the same boat with the same beautiful eyes.

This picture makes me want to go wake her up and smother her with kisses!

We're Trained!

When I say "we're" I really do mean it in the plural sense. I had to be potty trained too. It was daunting but more brief than I imagined- in the end what a wondrous thing we've laid claime to over here-- that we use a Potty!
I am in love with this new phase of life and wish I did it earlier. I am amazed at how quickly she "got it" and although it seemed like a disgusting (at times) mountain to climb- the view at the top is amazing!!! Brooklynn now wanders over to her potty all the time, pullS down her pants, panties and just goes! I love it!! We are still working on the "poo-poo" moments. Those are a little more dramatic because she holds it (it is amazing how long they can hold it at times) when she is close to REALLY having to go she will go back and forth to the potty ten times (asking for assistance) before actually going. She may need to watch Calliou for a bit too. It seems to relax/ distract her from thinking about the urge to go and holding it in and because of that she goes easier and quicker. So we are working on #2... but a little coaxing here and there sure beats changing stinky diapers.
She loves to carry her little tray of waste to the bathroom toilet, dump it, and flush it down while waving "bye bye". Then we put a sticker on her chart and she gets a small reward (candy). Don't worry mom, we haven't given her FULL ice cream sandwiches again :)

Back to what I said earlier about "we're trained". Meaning I had to teach myself to be patient, thorough and to remember to ask, ask and ask her if she had to go, AND remind her of the consequences. Today at church she went to nursery for the first time in panties. We talked to Sis. Rush and she was very understanding and excited for her. I gave her Brooklynn's potty seat in a bag in case she had to go and Brooklynn DID ask to go and went like a big girl. She also went poo poo this morning and said it looked like a "snake".

Anyways it's done, she's doing great and I'm so happy.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alivia rolled over!

Alivia is 5 months and 4 days old. She's probably a little older than some babies when they roll for the first time but this little girl has spent a lot of time in her mommy's arms :) Alivia has been a little "sensitive" for the past few months and being held upright facing outward in my arms or anyone's arms was the only was she'd relax most of the time. I had to stop breastfeeding her and now I pump instead. It's nice to be able to monitor how much milk she's actually getting. My milk supply had depleted recently. because she would be so fussy with gas pains while I would nurse her. She would get so upset being held in my arms and would swallow a lot of air in between crying and re-latching all the time. It was SO frustrating! Over time with her not feeding well and not being able to eat enough milk and I lost a fair amount.
Anyways we've found peace with this solution and it's working thus far really well. She can hold her own bottle like a big girl too.
I've been wondering when she might roll. She spends a good amount of time on play-mats but she is too busy grabbing her feet or the toys that hang above her to even think about it. One of her nicknames is pretzel because she pulls her feet up so high to suck on them, it's pretty cute. Needless to say I've been a little too trusting when I lay her down on some surfaces, especially the bathroom counter... Today I had her on there while I was helping Brooklynn with the potty and we went to get some wipes and I just left her there laying on a towel. When I came back I found her half in the bathroom sink. Her butt and legs were in it and her arms and head where on the counter. I was so surprised to see her like that and she wasn't even crying. I laid her perpendicular to the floor (thank goodness) but for the future I won't leave her unattended on a counter anymore!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Precious Iphone Moments

I capture some pretty sweet and tender moments on my iphone. It's usually in arms reach versus my camera that I never seem to find when needed most!
This morning we kicked things off with a priceless moment. I was washing dishes and saw Brooklynn run past me with a full package of wipes. Normally she grabs them and uses way too many while she wipes down furniture (cleaning) and "changing" elmo's butt.
I ran after her to grab the package of wipes out of her hands and when I turned the corned into the family room THIS is what I saw...

Brooklynn had quietly unsnapped Alivia's sleeper, pulled it up and pulled down her diaper. Alivia had the biggest smile on her face! Just priceless.
PS: Check out that massive alfalfa!

Speaks for itself. She's a little angel.
Funny "potty moments". She's watching Calliou.
Jason tickling her- hoping it'll make her pee.

Reading books. Oh and this is the BEST part; Jason grabbed her a FULL Rolo icecream sandwich from the freezer as a bribing tool. She had a death grip on it and wouldn't share.
Here it is again. Half eaten and melting.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Potty Training

We've been trying to warm Brooklynn up to her potty here and there. Every once and while we'll read books while she sits on it.
She's not the only one getting well acquainted these days...

Last night I was chatting with Lisa and I heard Brooklynn chatting away over by the bathroom. Just when I thought she was talking to herself, she was actually reading Elmo a book while he went "poo poo".

This is what I discovered today after I put her down for a nap. She figured out a way to make her potty work for Elmo AND Teddy at the same time. She's really thinking out side the box with this one, and VERY devoted to potty training. I wish she was this devoted to USING the potty! We haven't had any success yet. I have to try a little harder- maybe I should get some tips from her?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4 Years

I am very proud to have four years of marriage under my belt. It's a prideful thing to consider and all the things that we've been through and risen above in that time. Jason and I had a simple celebration this year as we went out for dinner and then enjoyed a bit of time together with no kids (thanks Lisa). We've truly been blessed and I love the marriage that Jason and I have. I love that we've grown with a family. I can't believe we have 2 babies! I'm looking forward to many more wonderful years to come.
It still feels like yesterday we walked out of those temple doors into the freezing rain/ snow and took a bazillion wedding photos. We ventured out in that same kind of weather today for dinner and while most people may have complained... it made me smile.