Monday, September 29, 2008

Just in Time!

Well at least I managed to squeeze in another post in the month of September. But like I said in my last post, September didn't give us a chance to slow down. I have been meaning to post these pictures for some time now but Jason has messed around with the computers and recently brought another one home that is currently operating on our dining room table! Errrrr. I have my own lap top that I could work off of but for some reason it can't read an 8GB card and that is what I take all my pictures on because it never seems to run out of space!
A couple weeks ago I went to Lizzie's baby shower. I finally met Laila and she is so cute! I love her hair too. Lizzie got a ton of baby clothes and other cute things, she seriously cashed-in in my mind. Which is good becuase baby's are expensive!
I also had the chance to go to Waterton and Cardston just over a week ago and we attended Treyden's baby blessing. He has gotten so big and is such a smiley guy now. We had a great time down there, and I just love staying in Waterton. It is simply gorgeous in it's natural beauty and Jay and I even got to stay in the same resort lodge that we stayed in on our wedding night, however this time we shared our room with his little sister Kristin :)
Well now we're back and trying to catch up from all the craziness. On the weekend I caught up on what seemed like a year's worth of laundry and it is hanging off of chairs and drying racks all over my house. I can't wait to tackle the rest and organize my home but the time doesn't seem to be available for some reason!!!
Amanda put gel in Treyden's hair and that it why it is sticking up like that. He had the cutest little tux on for his blessing.

Lizzie, Me and Laila. Lizzie looks soo good and I only hope I'm that lucky one day!

Friday, September 12, 2008

What's New

Well time has been flying by again, I can't believe we're half way through September! This is such a tricky transition time because you want to dress warm when you look out your window each morning and cringe to hope there isn't frost on the ground. Even though we've been lucky to not have faced that YET you know you want to bundle up a little more just in case. However by mid afternoon it gets pretty warm and you feel waaay over dressed! The C-train and bus are crowded and humid and you feel like you are over heating once again! The thing I can't stand about Calgary is that it doesn't really have a true Fall season. For a period of time the day is half winter and half summer, and eventually the summer part fades out, leaving us with a full blown winter cold. Ugh.
Anyways I am at the threshold of whether or not to pack up my summer stuff yet and make room in our tiny closets for bigger sweaters and stuff. Maybe this issue wouldn't be so dramatic if our place wasn't so tiny.... yes I believe a bigger place would solve a lot of my problems!

Well there's been some new changes in our world recently A good friend of mine moved into our building, which I am rather excited about. But I don't blame her if she isn't thrilled about hanging out with someone who's married. The YSA scene is way more entertaining for her than I am (sad but true) Jason got sustained last Sunday to be the Young Mens Pres. in our ward. I am excited for him and I know this calling is so good for him and the youth, they just love him and think he's a pretty cool guy (thats how I feel too) lol. We also have booked our tickets home to Ottawa for Christmas which I am SOOOOOO Excited about! We're going home for 10 days and are able to bring our dog with us too. My family has never met him before. It was super tough being away from family last year for the first time at Chirstmas so I think this year is extra special for me. It is Jason's first Christmas away from home too since he's been married. I hope it isn't really hard for him to be away, but if it is I can sympathize at least.

I think that is it for my update this time. Jason is off the shut down the cabin in B.C. this weekend and then we are headed out Cardston in the next week or two ( I forget exactly when) because my new nephew is getting his baby blessing. After this month I hope October slows down a bit. I was hoping things would be less busy as soon as August finished but I was wrong!