Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in Ottawa

We were so fortunate to be able to fly home to Ottawa for Thanksgiving. I wasn't sure how easily it was going to happen but it all worked out somehow. I had such a wonderful time there. Jason and I were a little spoiled with how much we were able to kick our feet up, sleep in, nap and take off for some much needed "date time".
My parents were happy to have us there, but made it clear they were happiest to have Brooklynn around and that they didn't care too much what Jason and I wanted to do, or where we wanted to go. I don't think Brooklynn minded either... I'm pretty sure she must have felt like a star with all the constant "oohs and ahhhs", and adoring attention she received from her grandparents, and uncles.
The second night there Jason and I stayed at a Best Western downtown Ottawa. We had a romantic date night which consisted of strolling in the market, getting Mexican food, hitting up Sugar Mountain (Jason spending WAY too much $'s on candy)- surprised? Haha I think not! We also checked out a few shops, got some beaver tails and eventually made our way back to the hotel. I felt like a teenager! We were just letting loose with the flirting and also for the fact that we stayed up late, ate lots of candy, and watched episode after episode of Modern Family. It was such a weird feeling for me to drop my shoulders and not worry about putting Brooklynn to bed. That was the very first night for me in 18 long months to not have slept in the same house/ place as her. I've basically never really had a complete night off from mom duty. That's okay though I much prefer being with her than not.
The next morning we headed down to get our continental breakfast, went back to bed, slept for another 2 hours or so, got up, got ready for the day, walked over to the Museum of Nature and then drove back to my parent's house.
The remainder of out trip was pretty fun and still relaxing. My parent's stuffed us with food - (that's one of the ways they try to spoil us when we are there- which I don't mind) My mom and I liked to sneak off to the Carter's and Osh Kosh outlet here and there. I don't know who is in heaven more when we are at a children clothing store, me or my mom? Jason hit up the Bulk Barn and got more candy and thus becoming my little brother's BEST friend- Matthew deserves an award for her serious schmoozing for candy that week.
We got in a lot of rounds of ping-pong and I actually beat Jason fair and square one time. His poor ego had a rough go dealing with that one so he demanded a rematch. He felt much better after beating his pregnant wife. I give myself a pat on the back because although he beat me 90% of the time I DID give him a run for his money and he only squeaked by with his wins for the most part. Again, his PREGNANT wife kept him on his toes! When we have the space one day a ping pong table is at the top of our wish list for sure.
Some other fun things we did were mini putting, movies and just hanging out. My parent's have lots of pictures that I need to get from them. Until then I am embarrassed that my camera consisted only of pictures of the people I see ALL the time, but certainly love. I just wasn't great at taking them in general and left it up to my camera happy parents. Also my pictures are slightly out of order, sorry!
Loved to pick flowers in Grandma's garden.
I am standing in front of a blue whale's skeleton. Ironically I am wearing blue and look/ felt like a whale in this picture.
I'm sure Drumheller puts this exhibit to shame but they had a lot of dino bones and pretty impressive displays too. These were also taken at the Museum of Nature.
She ran to my dad after picking flowers so she could show him how pretty they were. I'm sure nothing made my dad's day more than her running to him and greeting him so excited! Melts my heart.
We went to a ward "Family Fun Night", which was awesome and Heritage Ward should totally copy. They have there own mini bounce house and Brooklynn was in heaven.
Some older girlies found her and scooped her under their wings. She loves it when little girls show her attention and totally milks it 100%
We went to the Museum of Science and Tech while we were there. It's a great place to take kids because there are so many activities. Brooklynn is sitting in a train exactly like the one parked outside of Heritage Park.
The last picture I got before my camera died. Just before dad and his girl took a tour of the train.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Little Recap and Our Littlest Girly

I am due in two months. In those two months I have Halloween to whisk by and Christmas preparations in the mix. Things will either go really quick or I'll be so huge and uncomfortable they'll drag out for the first time. I have so much to do from now until then that I hope things just go by at a comfortable pace (very unlikely I know).
I have had a little guilt on my shoulders too with this pregnancy. I feel negligent with the lack of pregnancy pictures I've taken (not on purpose) and updates on how I feel throughout my blog and even ultrasound pictures. I have some they just weren't given to us digitally so I would have to go ahead and scan them... that seems tedious to me and I don't think I even know how to use our scanner come to think of it.
With all that being said DOESN'T mean I haven't felt JUST as excited and thrilled about the thought and anticipation of meeting this little angel. I can't wait to get to know her, see her and discover her individual personality and character traits. I'll admit that a lot of the time I think I'm going to have another little Brooklynn running around but than I am quick to realize that even though my sister Jenn and I are only 16 months apart we couldn't be more different in our personalities and looks for that matter. Thus leaving me to think I really can't know what to expect at all!
I have to thank this future daughter of mine. She has been a breeze so far. Her little kicks and punches are so mild and she doesn't keep me awake the way Brooklynn did! She just flutters around making me feel like she's content and just being patient down there. Maybe it's me doing something right this time but this little girl never gets hiccups. I thought they were cute with my last pregnancy but after sometime I'd get a little frustrated with them especially when the continual pulse would keep me from falling asleep at times.
I haven't had any morning sickness, heartburn etc and I'm all to grateful for it. She's made it easy enough for me to keep up with life for the most part and her energetic 18 month older sister.
I have had a few weird quirks with this pregnancy though don't get me wrong. In my first trimester I craved won ton soup. I would walk myself over to the Chinese food place behind the house and order a personal soup for myself and purchase it with pocket change and walk home. (That just seems so funny to me now for some reason...) Lately I haven't been able to get enough apples too. Today in particular has been a little crazy if I do say so myself. My breakfast consisted of homemade apple cider, half an apple that I shared with Brooklynn, homemade muffins made with applesauce, and throughout the day I have been eating spoonfuls of apple sauce right out of the jar. I even just finished some as a late night snack! I won't be shocked if this little girl has a sweet spot for apples in her diet I guess (unless I've made her sick of them all to early in life).
Again I'll add that I'm grateful so so grateful for how things have gone so far. I know I am blessed and will add again that I feel so blessed to have the surprise of her coming to join us as soon as she is. I have some close friends who have struggled with trials of conception and my heart breaks for them. I want to them to know the joy I find in being a mother, and know they yearn for it too. It's the greatest blessing and calling I've ever had and it's only about to get more exciting.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Before we put Brooklynn to bed we really try with our best efforts to do family prayers or if Jason isn't home I try to do a quick one with Brooklynn in my arms. More often than not she is squirming pointing at books or Max or something to distract me from what she knows is the inevitable (going to bed). Don't get me wrong, she's a good sleeper and goes to bed pretty well but she really tries to milk her awake time for all it's worth, and would love one more story after another, or a silly bedtime song. I love this time with her usually but sometimes it's a little overwhelming if it's late or been a long day.
Tonight was a good night in particular. We watched Sesame Street videos on Youtube, brushed our teeth, and washed up. After a quick diaper change and slipping into her jammies I asked her if we could say prayers. She immediately got distracted with something else until I said, "can you say prayers?" She just smiled and repeated a quick but perfect little prayer word for word and it was the most perfect part of my day.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Bit Guilty But SO Grateful

Lately Brooklynn has gotten into this little habit when she is rather "needy" or "thinks she is needy" and will follow me right at or on my feet and wrap around my legs, while she repeats "mommy, mommy".... and so on. I guess it sounds cute but sometimes and for the most part she does this when I'm frantically trying o prep dinner or clean something up. I've been really frustrated when she does it and I am around the stove because she latches on when I am least expecting it and trip or stumble near a hot element or oven door. SO needless to say I haven't been a fan of her desperate measure for my attention.
I just happened to pop over to the Sullenger's blog that I like to try to read every once and a while. It's sometimes hard for me to go there because the tears come instantly. However I am beyond a amazed at how they are handling their loss and clinging to the Lord for strength.
In one blog post she mentioned that she has been working on being grateful for each day and what it has to offer even when it is simply the hardest thing for her to pass by her little girls empty room, or think about how she misses her her little girl pulling a chair up or hugging her legs while she is making dinner...
That part hit me like a rock because only an hour ago I stressfully scooped up a crying Brooklynn and plopped her on the couch to watch t.v. while I made dinner because I couldn't handle her clinging to my legs and being "needy"....
So as I turn over a new leaf in this moment I am going to be first, be more patient with her during those times and not take for granted how much I will miss the day she stops hugging my legs and wanting to be up in my arms so badly. I have witnessed more so than ever how quickly time flies and it all changes. You never know what tomorrow brings so with my best efforts I want to more grateful for clingyness, leg grabs, and all the rest of her little quirks....