Saturday, March 31, 2012

It'll be funny one day...

...but right now it's frustrating.  I am on my toes constantly because Alivia wreaks havoc like I have never seen before.  We are trying to train ourselves to shut the toilet lid after flushing, but we are slow to remember sometimes and Alivia capitalizes on every opportunity....

Today I found Jason's nice Gap sweater on the floor covered in toilet water, I pulled a shoe and clean dish cloth out of the garbage.  She took my travel wipes case- I found it on the floor by a heating vent with the wipes pulled out and stuffed them down the heating vent.  She has learned to pull the lids/ covers off and I had to rescue a crayon yesterday.

Toilets are the biggest issue.  Most often when I find her in the act there is toilet water EVERYWHERE and even all over her.  She also happens to be obsessed with face clothes.  Clean or dirty.  She finds them in the laundry, or a drawer.  She will carry it around everywhere and especially likes to wear them on her head.  It is quite cute actually, until I notice it's a dirty one....  every now and then she likes to suck on them... yuck!  They also happen to be her favorite thing to play with in the toilet.  She dangles them in the toilet and whips them around flicking water everywhere!  It's awful and I need this toilet phase to end asap!!

So while it all drives me crazy these days I look forward to the day I can talk about it and laugh!  She is one CRAZY Yiv.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nenny's Visit

 These pictures are all out of order, oh well.  But let me explain this one, we did a TON of baking while Jenn visited-mostly Pinterest recipes we had been itching to try so needless to say we had to do a Superstore run to get some of the ingredients we'd need to use.  Anyways, while we were at Superstore we went into the Joe clothing section (I LOVE shopping for clothes while I get groceries!!!) So we decided to make up a game/ idea that we had a max of $10 to spend on a pair of pajamas for one another and we had to be secretive and we were NOT allowed to peak at what we were choosing for each other.  I had Jenn, Jenn had Amanda and Amanda had me.  Take a good look at the picture because that is what we ended up with.  We seriously couldn't stop laughing on the way home because Amanda saw me in the check out buying Jenn's and was like, "why did you get her something for a kid?"  I didn't know what she was talking about because in my mind I was a nice sister and got Jenn some nice comfy cute pj's... yeaah, not quite!  Someone had left a kids pack of pj's in the adult section and I grabbed them!!! When I had picked them up they were folded and wrapped nicely with a ribbon so I couldn't exactly get a good look at them. Ooops!  They now belong to Brooklynn.  Jenn, being the sensible one got Amanda the pair in the middle and Amanda being the nutcase that she is bought me that Tribal MooMoo looking thing at the bottom.  We seriously could not stop laughing that night.  Good times :)

A quick snap of my little girl after we arrived home from church.

We sure miss you Auntie Nenny!  Come back soon!!

More of December!

Yes, it's almost the beginning of Spring... Whatever.  I have plenty of more "outdated" photos I had been meaning to post and it's starting to look like they will never make it :(  Oh well, I (try to) do my best!

Here I am opening all of my new camera accessories and literature.  I am loving it but have a lot to learn!

 I round brushed Brooklynn's hair this day- you can kind of tell...  Looks like she still has lunch on her face too.

 Loves her new Tangled activity book.

 Dad (aka The Tickle Monster) and his Big girl!
 The "Yivsta" doing her thing.
 "Don't even think about taking my apples."
 Uncle Cam and Monster
 We had a few "play days" over the break.  It was nice to have all the cousins together.

Fun with Friends - Long overdue!

Trisha takes the cake for being the most animated!

It might be a toss up between Jason and Mort for who looks the most "femmy"...  Although he is working that party cracker as an earing very nicely.

And I win for being the least exciting. I'll be first to admit that I can be a little shy when put on the spot.  Good thing I married someone who helps me with that. :)
And when I say, "long overdue" it works on two levels...  The first being that I should have uploaded these back in December or January, and the second being; we were long overdue to hang out with these two.  We hope they come move to Calgary soon, or that we somehow get to see more of each other- Miss you guys!

Friday, March 16, 2012


In January Brooklynn started a toddler gymnastics program at Gymtastics.  Every Friday I (sometimes Jason) would take her for an hour and it was seriously one of the funnest hours I got to spend with her.  Usually Jason would be at home with Alivia (she would nap while he did school work) and I got to bond with my oldest baby.  I know it meant a lot to me and I'm sure it meant just as much to her to have some one on one time with her mom or dad- at home she has some demanding competition :)

We were also lucky to find some friendly faces there each week.  Since leaving the Hamlet we've been lucky to get some play days with the Low's. I'm really happy that we get to see our friends, Jen and Charlotte more often than not.  It's a pretty cool and heart warming thought to know our two little girls started a friendship right from the first weeks of life, and have really grown so much together.  I hope they continue to have a great friendship!
What a cute pair of buddies!

 Our monkey bar pro!

Gymtastics has a great facility and program for children.  Brooklynn loved all the trampolines, monkey bars, rope swings, ball pits, HUGE slide and of course the fun music and games.  She pushed boundaries and challenged her little body more and more each time, thus making me a pretty proud mommy- way to go my superstar!