Thursday, September 27, 2012

Family photos at Carburn Park

Hasn't my sister done a fantastic job!?  I am so thrilled about these photos.  You'd never know we battled through a hot evening in August with mosquitos, crazy bikers, ton of dog walkers, Max running off everywhere and outfits getting covered in chocolate... nope. I hardly remember :)  Just looking at these and feeling as happy as I do about them makes the experience seem a little hazy!  The only thing going through my mind at the moment is a quote I saw on a friend's facebook wall that said, "GUNS don't KILL people.  DADS with pretty daughter's KILL people."  Jason, do you really know what you are in for?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Preschool!

Did it really creep up that quickly?  I always thought it was so cute when other moms would post the "back pack" photos of their kids just before they are out the door to go to school.  Did I really take those types of photos this morning?! Yup! I sure did :)
 Brooklynn in my mind is a prime candidate for preschool.  Lately I just don't feel cut out for what her little sponge-brain wants to learn.  I never thought too hard about preschool until some of my friends were enrolling their kids, and after qualifying for a subsidy is was almost a "no-brainer".  As time crept up and we got closer to the school year starting I was more and more exctied for her and grateful we went for it!

 Showing off her new backpack! 

 I kept telling Brooklynn that she didn't need to be shy and that she would have a friend in her class (Charlotte) .  They almost seemed hesitant today when they saw eachtoher and when I picked her up she said, " mom, I met new friends today! I met 5 boys (she was nervous about boys being in her class) and Charlotte and Ashley."  I know it was a big day for both of them so she may have seemed a little confused.  I'm so happy they have another activity to share.  I just hope they don't ever forget the bond they started so early in life  :)

And last but not least, some hugs for her little sister :)
So proud of you Brooklynn!! xox

A Dino Day in Drumheller

Before Jason got his internship with NWC this summer he had been doing some odd jobs; renos, and bounce house deliveries for the most part.  It was a pretty sweet hook-up for a family with kids.  We sure have had our fair share of bounce house fun this summer, however one day of bounce house deliveries brought us out to Drumheller for the day.  We went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum - the girls and I have never been there before!  We also spent the whole day there which gave us the opportunity to check out some cool events that were on, and other exhibits.  I still can't believe how dinosaur-crazy that town is.   There are seriously dino statues everywhere!! Some are little, abstract, big, realistic or even HUMONGOUS!!  Yes. Drumheller lays clain to the largest dinosaur statue in the world- pretty impressive!
 We got a brand new camera for Christmas (which I love) but with my limited experience thus far and a dark museum...well, some of the pictures are a little blury.  My sister/ photographer helped me learn a thing or two since :)

 A makeshift bed for Little Livy to nap in. I wish she fell asleep!

 I love this picture!

 Brooklynn thought she had lost us a minute before this picture was taken (we were only 5 feet behind her)  she got a little emotional.

It's hard for me to think this type of landscap and scenary is in Canada.  It's so beautiful and unique in it's own way.  Makes me feel grateful to live in such a huge diverse country.
World's Largest Dinosaur

  It was challenging at times to keep the girls there all day, especially Alivia- who still needs her nap but we made it work and it was nice to have the whole day with Jason because he is seriously SO busy these days!