Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sumthin has Worked for ME- Finally!

So lets just say I fluctuate in my weight like crazy.  It's not a good range either.   I got bigger in my last pregnancy with Liv and I lost a lot when I started nursing because I had to eat so strictly - this girl had colic at a whole new level compared to Brooklynn!  However, once my baby isn't So sensitive I start to sneak back foods that I have missed and between being so hungry and having to nap a lot because I'm so tired I put on a few again.
Even when I got pregnant with Liv I wasn't liking my weight at the time and I had actually JUST started eating really well and exercising regularly at the gym and was slowly but surly seeing results BUT than I found out I was pregnant! I can't work out when I'm pregnant, I just DON'T have the energy, nor the desire.   I still do a little, like low impact cardio and love walks but my gym membership was a complete waste.
This summer was a write off for me to be able to eat well.  I have a hard time controlling how I eat when I am not organized and in my element.  I was ALL over the place and every summer we spend time out at the cabin I gain like 10 pounds, I HATE it!  So much fat and carbs, candy and sugar everywhere and nothing to do some days when the weather is crappy except EAT.  If I'm bored- I LOVE to snack.  SO I get a little bitter out there thus putting my in a down whirled spiral even more because I am eating for my frustrations.
I haven't been in my own space for 5 months and finally I'm about to move into a home for my family where I can get settled and back on track.  I'm looking forward to it :)
So what did I do to prepare myself for this new chapter of life?  I got ready and I went on a strict diet.  At first it SUCKED I was so hungry but the pounds where shedding instantly and the motivation grew and grew and my body adapted to eating well and it all became pretty simple.   I would get cravings but the thought of weighing less in the morning when I jumped on the scale over ruled.   I kept telling myself things like, "That cookie ISN'T worth it!"  or "Nothing tastes better then gett'n skinnier!"  haha ( I sound SO vain)  But it's what worked for me and I stuck to it.

In a matter of 3 weeks- YES, 3 WEEKS! I have shed over 16 lbs and lost inches everywhere!  I have SO much more energy, I sleep better I'm happier and have a lot of old clothes that I having been longing to get into again back in my wardrobe.

Oh and I CAN'T WAIT to go shopping!!!