Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Motherly Thoughts

Being a mother has allowed me the opportunity to get to know a WHOLE new part of my physical, mental and spiritual being. I am understanding new strength, what I am capable of when it comes to pushing through less (MUCH less) sleep, longer days, tedious work around the clock and an unmeasurable increase, or change in the way I feel and express love. Your understanding of it grows and alters in a way only God could have allowed me to experience and that being in the role of motherhood. It's amazing, and I am SO happy to be a mother to such an angel. I would do anything to let her know how much she means to me. I feel the only person I have to let know more than her is my Heavenly Father, so he knows to never let anything happen to her and our relationship. Brooklynn, I pray for that every night while leaning over your crib rail when you fall asleep. I would do anything to keep you safe and feel loved, just know that. Thank you for letting me be your mommy, and I'll be very excited when you can call me "mom, or mommy" but da-da is fine for now :)

Mother's Day

I can't let this day slip by without me recording my thoughts and gratitude towards my mother. She is the BEST, and by that I mean I couldn't ask for more or anything different. I'm amazed at the qualities she holds and only wish I was more like her. She truly is the mother I hope to shape-up or shape into one day.

I love you Mom, I wish we were closer so I could give you a big hug!