Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy (be-lated) Birthday Post- Brooklynn is 3!!!

 Balloons, a BIG girl bike, and other goodies waiting for her on her Birthday. After presents we headed out to Cora's for a b-day breakfast :)
 I can't believe this is MY 3 YEAR OLD! Brooklynn, it feels like yesterday I was swaddling you in a receiving blanket and you were just my little baby... You are growing up so fast and I LOVE you mature, sweet, caring, and silly personality.  There were a lot of emotions going through my on your birthday- you are just so special and wonderful.  I hope you know that Brooklynn!

So Grateful and So Behind!

I fell off the radar just over 2 weeks ago when my family arrived from Ottawa.  My parent's and Matthew flew in together, and Jenn came 3 days later from Victoria for a quick visit.  It was lovely to have the company and help. I had to have surgery 2 weeks ago to remove a large cyst I have had for years.  I blogged about it in the past here and there, and for the longest time it was a "mystery case" because it was so large and even through countless ultrasounds and CT scan images the Dr's still couldn't quite see what it was attached to.  I had been seeing a wonderful Gynecologist and Urologist.  They both had me booked for surgery (which was laparoscopic) and as soon as they were able to determine what type of cyst it was, then they would know which doctor would lead the surgery.  I woke up a couple hours later, extremely sick from the anesthetic and tired beyond belief.  I slept for over 8 hours at the hospital.  Dr. Matatall (my o.b.) came into see me after it was done and told me it was a great success.   I'm glad it's over with, resolved and that I can simply move on from here. The "taken it easy"/ recovery seems to be the worst part now because I shouldn't lift anything about 10lbs.  That is tricky for a mother of two little ones!  However, I have had lots of prayers, and helping hands and it has made the burden seem lighter.  I have been SO incredibly grateful throughout this "medical journey" to have had access to such amazing doctors, and facilities here in Canada.  I feel so blessed to have had this dealt with and really not a dime come out of our pockets. Amazing.
I'm looking forward to being completely mended from all this and continuing to enjoy my summer.  We have had a blast so far with our Utah trip, Wasa lake, get togetherness with family and friends. I look forward to the adventures ahead! And, once again I really am SO SO thankful for such caring family and friends and an amazing husband who stuck by my side for 12-13 hours at the hospital- he really takes care of me and his girls.  I am SO lucky.