Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Alivia's Here

I have been so wrapped up in the joy and busy roll of a new mom again, and I wouldn't change it for anything. It's so wonderful to have our little princess here. Jason and I are adjusting to life with two kids- I don't know how many times I've looked at him and said, "I can't believe she's here and we have another little girl!" It's almost surreal.
I've had some really tiring moments as any new mommy would, especially after a night of cluster feeding. We stayed with Jason's family the first few nights up until Christmas day and it was so wonderful to have the care and support of Jason's parent's. Leslie and Jason tag teamed the little girls on Christmas Eve so I could get some MUCH needed sleep. The night before was the hardest as she had really kicked in her appetite and my milk hadn't quite come in yet. They supplemented a couple of night feeds so I could sleep and pump instead and it was great to be able to recoup from the exhaustion.
Since then the feeding has gone really well and nursing isn't nearly as stressful as I remember it being in the beginning with Brooklynn. Again, with all the learning curves with the first baby things just seemed a lot harder.
On the note of things not being as stressful, it's just a lot easier on many levels this time around. Alivia is a great baby. She is feeding great and loves to sleep. I have been able to rule out the foods early on that would cause her to be colic (again found out the hard way with Brooklynn).
I think Heavenly Father knows the order that your babies need to come to you. I think Brooklynn was resilient enough to put up with me not really knowing much first time around, and that Alivia would be a good transition baby from one to two.
I have been trying to be accurate when I tell people about my labor and delivery with Alivia and for the most part I'd say it went pretty good. I was induced last time around so I can't really compare the two experiences... but if I was to compare this time was a lot better- especially the recovery part. With Brooklynn I had a much harder recovery. This time around I have been a lot more comfortable right away, and I wasn't delirious from morphine when Alivia was born which I really preferred. I was able to hold her and look at her and be completely "with it" so to speak.
Okay so things started off on Tuesday at around 4am. We had gone to Jay's parent's early that night for FHE and the topic of "when this baby will come" was discussed and I overheard my father in-law quietly say, "there is no way this baby is coming before Christmas." Well I think it's safe to say that Alivia wanted to prove him wrong. I also told them that I had a full moon on my side that night, plus lunar eclipse so maybe a baby would come a lot sooner than everyone thought- I was right!
So I started to time contractions right away because they felt different than the ones I'd been having randomly for the past week. They were actual cramps and I noticed them happening pretty consecutively. I knew I wasn't going to be going to the hospital anytime soon so I tried to fall back asleep after an hour of timing contractions that were 5-6 mins apart and surprisingly I fell asleep. I woke Jason up at 7:30am and told him we'd have to go to the hospital that day and he was surprised and said, "well we should start timing contractions" so I showed him my notes and the twenty-odd contractions I had already timed- he was pretty shocked that this was for real. So we hung around the house and packed our bags and called his sister's over to our house to watch Brooklynn. We went to the hospital around 11am. They admitted me right away and I was 4cm dilated (it was actually really quiet there-who plans to have babies at Christmas right?) They broke my water around 2pm and I had her at 5:24pm. I spent most of my time in the shower and I'd say the last hour or so before she was born I was trying to go as long as I could with no pain medication. I felt I was really starting to loose it and the pain was so unbearable that I asked for an epidural. The nurse wanted to check me before but I was in so much pain I couldn't lay down. I was in so much pain because she was starting to crown, and my body was starting to push on it's own. I got an epidural at 4:40pm and was pushing at 4:45pm, so needless to say it didn't take effect...
I was so shocked when she was born at how little she was. I really thought she was going to be a big baby for some reason, but she was so tiny and precious. She is a little mini of her dad, their baby photos look soo similar. However, she has a little bum chin like her mom and Brooklynn.
Because it was so quiet at the hospital we were able to to stay in the delivery room and have visitors. The nurses were so nice and relaxed with us. We even scored a private room that night too. I don't know if I could have asked for things to work out any better.
Alivia has brought such a wonderful spirit with her and into our home and family. I'm excited to see her grow with her big sister and become the best of friends.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Terrific Troll

A week ago my sister Amanda aka Troll, aka Auntie Amanda/ Auntie Troll (she has a few titles around here and Brooklynn knows her by all of them- haha!) took Brooklynn for the WHOLE day. She watched her literally from 9-9. She discovered in that time how much energy, how much she can eat and just how much fun she capable of having and needless to say had some good ol' bonding time with our little princess. Princess, is probably the best title for her considering that day Brooklynn was spoiled rotten by her Auntie! I hope I don't leave anything out as I backtrack the events. It started off by going to Cora's for breakfast-yum! Then they played at Tommy Kay Play, went back to her Auntie's house for lunch and a 3 hour nap that they took together, then she went to Five Guys for dinner, Oh- did I mention she played and ate with all of Amanda's roommates? Well, she did and getting all that sweet attention can make her day like nothing else all on it's own. After Five Guys for dinner she went to IKEA with Amanda and her roommates (we all know IKEA is fun too) than she came back to our house while Jason and I were at our ward Christmas party. She got to play some more, stay up late and then get put to bed.
It was absolutely amazing for Jason and I to have that day off from parental duties to tackle our home and check a ton of stuff off our to do lists (mentioned in previous post).
I had been waiting for Amanda to send me photos she took of their day together so I could dedicate a post to it. Finally, I have them!

Amanda has set the bar pretty high even for myself to compete with. Thanks again for giving her such an awesome day. We can't thank you enough :)


Ward Christmas Party. Dec 4, 2010 and almost 38 weeks pregnant.
This was a couple nights ago. Random but I'm throwing it in there because it's halarious. This is the worst she's ever been and I gave her cereal before bed because she didn't have a big dinner. Needless to say she had to have a bath and didn't get to bed until way to late!

Here I am Dec 12, 2010. The 10 day countdown (give or take, I KNOW!)

We are slowly but surely checking things off our list(s) to prepare for our baby girl and Christmas. I've really tried to not get overwhelmed and I think it's working better than I thought. I haven't signed myself up for much and with that I've kept my sanity. My biggest battle is cleaning. I have been slowly purging our house the last month. I gave my sister like two garbage bags full of stuff. We've purchased a new couch, which I LOVE, gutted and painted our bedroom. I've been washing and organizing all the baby stuff that I put away too. We've come quite far in a short amount of time, and with all this being done my house is staying(somewhat) a little more organized.
Christmas is small for us this year. My wonderful husbands agreed with me that our couch was our Christmas gift. I feel bad if he's settling for something I wanted most but he's just that sweet. In reality, even though he hasn't out right admitted it to me, I think he's more than happy with that purchase too. He's been able to comfortably host many "gaming nights" on it with his friends. It's a sectional and much more space efficient for our place and it's safe to say he's been able to take advantage of that!
I guess it's time to maybe take some bets as to when this baby will come. I know it might be wishful thinking but I really do think that she will come early. I'm actually going to go ahead and bet/hope she is here on or around the 14th. Yes, that's in two days! My reasons for justifying this is that I have another appointment on the 13th, and they are going to see if they can't stretch me out a bit... (sorry if that sounds graphic) My doctor did it a week ago and when I stood up I was scared to walk. It made that big of a difference right than and there but slowly I felt kind of the same the day after. I've been having random contractions at night and I never had that with Brooklynn, last night they were even painful but I only had 4 or 5. Anyways when I factor all this in AND the fact my baby, according to my last ultrasound is pushing 7lbs or more already it leaves me a little confident that she might debut a lot sooner. I also picked the 14th because Brooklynn was April 14th, maybe that day will be good to me again :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Play Days and Pregnancy

I haven't been all to active lately and a week ago bundling up Brooklynn and heading out in the freezing temperatures was the last thing I could bring myself to do- thus leaving us with a little cabin fever that week. So when Saturday came and Jason had some free time we ventured out for a play day and it was well worth it but more so for Brooklynn. Did I mention I feel SO huge and clearly I'm not the best buddy for playtime lately? Oh well, that's the ugly truth. So thanks to dad we got a good and long awaited play day at Let's Play.
It was just as much fun for me to observe from the sidelines all the fun Brooklynn and Jason had together, even if I was itching to relive my childhood memories by running through tunnels and going down the slides, I'll be there soon enough... I'm really excited for when both my girls are capable of holding there own at the park and play places together, I'll be joining them full force.
For the time being I'm the waddling pregnant mom following them around with a camera, and vicariously living through their actions and excitement, it really does make me happy and I'm truly content. I just love watching them together it brings me joy :)

These two were just move'n! She had such a blast and I think her dad did too ;)

Call it somewhat cruel but she HATED this slide but the picture cracks me up. When she made it to the end she just balled- poor thing... We gotta tough'n her up!

Here I am @ almost 37 weeks.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Potty Progress

We've been REALLY casual over here with the potty. To best describe what I mean by "casual" is that we have a potty but I'm not trying to potty train Brooklynn, at all, really. I haven't even picked up any potty training literature either, I've just listened to random advice via other mommies when the topic should arise.
Amidst the topic/ discussion of potty training I have heard it's NOT a good a idea to try and potty train your child before a big change occurs in their life. It's safe to say new sibling is a BIG change.
We still talk about the potty and she likes to venture in the bathroom when Jason and I use "our potty", we point to hers and say "Brooklynn's potty" and then our's again and say, "momma's potty".
For the most part the only interest she took in it was trying to make the music go off. If you touch two metal sensors at the bottom of the tray it'll play a celebration jingle. I wasn't excited for her to discover that at first because she would get frustrated with her potty, completely disassemble it and whine when she couldn't get the music going. All of that being said and the above is the extent of potty experiences over here, UNTIL this past week.
She decided to SIT a couple days ago(with all her clothes on) and sat on it for a while and said things like "pee pee". I embraced her courage and high-five'd her for big girl efforts. She kept that up, and usually sat on her potty while I would sit on mine. Then she sat on it with only a diaper on a couple days later. This was a big deal because anytime I previously mentioned pulling pants down or taking her diaper off she would squeal.
So the other day we were getting ready to take a shower and she was completely naked in the bathroom and she sat on her potty. I kept asking her if she had to go pee-pee but she didn't say to much, just sat there. I was really excited because I thought for sure when I turned on the water in the tub she'd have to go. I turned on the water, turned around to watch her and she stood up and went pee all over the bathroom floor, then sat back down on the potty when she was done. I told her I was sad and attempted reasoning... We will see where things go from here-
stay tuned folks!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome Back!

Nana and Grandpa Lee are back from Australia AND New Zealand! They've posted some pretty incredible photos on facebook throughout their entire trip to keep us up to speed but they had a lot of cool experiences to share with us when they got home, and of course a few presents too.
We were happy to have them over for dinner last night because we hadn't seen them in so long and let's be honest, we knew they had zero food. I love it when we get invited to eat somewhere after being away for a while and I haven't stocked my fridge yet.
Brooklynn has been a little spoiled with how much she has seen them lately. She even got to stay up late the night of their arrival as we brought her with us to pick them up from the airport.
I'm sure this isn't the easiest Monday for Nana and Grandpa to head back to work as they have been living in the future (by about 17 hours or so) for the last 3 weeks and all the flying and vacationing would be rather exhausting. We're wishing you a quick and easy adjustment and again, welcome back!

By the look on his face I think it is safe to say Max was the MOST excited about his present- a leather outback hat!
Brooklynn was pretty excited too, she got her own penguin just like the ones the Nana and Grandpa saw on their trip.
Brooklynn likes to do her "waddle, waddle" all the time. She has a love for penguins and it is pretty cute.
Some bragging rights for me. The "Tarata T" (the hardest puzzle to do in this little brainteaser game they brought back from New Zealand-it was tricky)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthday Festivities

I had been holding off on posting pictures and more about what we did with Jason on his birthday only because I hadn't posted pictures of Halloween yet, bah! They're coming but I've gotta keep rolling with what I got and I forgot my camera on Halloween for the most part and have to scrounge up pictures from my sister and Lisa.
On Friday (the 5th) we did some pre-birthday fun. Jay's sister and brother-in law came down from Edmonton--which was awesome! I am so happy they did but I know she was excited to surprise Jason and show him he's worth the trip. We had some friends gather with us at his parent's house where Jenna had slaved most of the day and made all kinds of food and deserts. The Miami game was on, Flames game and plenty of social activity to entertain for the night. I think Jason was happy to see so many friend keep trickling through the front door, we had a good turn out!
On his actual birthday we went to Earl's with Amanda(our Troll). It was nice (I love Earl's) and when we came home we did presents and ice cream cake. Austin and Lisa joined us too. He cashed in on some cool presents and I think he all around enjoyed himself. Here are some pictures to prove it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I was looking at my sister in law's blog title for her last entry and it was titled "Big Guy". I think it's great how she has a cute nickname for him and yet it describes him so well. He's a big guy and that's great. Her "big guy's" birthday is two days before my Jason's. Well today is Jason's birthday and I was struggling to find a title for "my man"- the nickname-less husband of mine.
Jason is 26 today. We are exactly 4 months apart and that makes me 4 months older. Thus giving me the nickname "cougar".
Jason is unique and so wonderful in so many ways. I love him more than I am able to express in a blog post. I am confident I tell him a handful of times each day. You can never over use "I love you's" on someone you love.
Anyways that being said and back to my most important point here, Jason I am wishing you a wonderful day and year to come. From the day we first met you've been able to get me to laugh and smile at more in life than anyone else has been successful in doing so, and that I love. I remember when I first met Jason I thought to myself, "Whoever marries that boy will be happy because he will make things fun and make her laugh a LOT". That lucky girl was me.
While I don't have any pet or nicknames for Jason, he is my everything. He's the best husband, father, friend and team player in life that I could ask for. I'm grateful for him and wish him all the best.
Happy Birthday babe!
Love, Your wife/ Baby/ Boss Lady/ Fountain/ Cougar/ Poo-Zanne/ Honey... etc etc
and whom you never really call by their first name, Suzanne xoxo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in Ottawa

We were so fortunate to be able to fly home to Ottawa for Thanksgiving. I wasn't sure how easily it was going to happen but it all worked out somehow. I had such a wonderful time there. Jason and I were a little spoiled with how much we were able to kick our feet up, sleep in, nap and take off for some much needed "date time".
My parents were happy to have us there, but made it clear they were happiest to have Brooklynn around and that they didn't care too much what Jason and I wanted to do, or where we wanted to go. I don't think Brooklynn minded either... I'm pretty sure she must have felt like a star with all the constant "oohs and ahhhs", and adoring attention she received from her grandparents, and uncles.
The second night there Jason and I stayed at a Best Western downtown Ottawa. We had a romantic date night which consisted of strolling in the market, getting Mexican food, hitting up Sugar Mountain (Jason spending WAY too much $'s on candy)- surprised? Haha I think not! We also checked out a few shops, got some beaver tails and eventually made our way back to the hotel. I felt like a teenager! We were just letting loose with the flirting and also for the fact that we stayed up late, ate lots of candy, and watched episode after episode of Modern Family. It was such a weird feeling for me to drop my shoulders and not worry about putting Brooklynn to bed. That was the very first night for me in 18 long months to not have slept in the same house/ place as her. I've basically never really had a complete night off from mom duty. That's okay though I much prefer being with her than not.
The next morning we headed down to get our continental breakfast, went back to bed, slept for another 2 hours or so, got up, got ready for the day, walked over to the Museum of Nature and then drove back to my parent's house.
The remainder of out trip was pretty fun and still relaxing. My parent's stuffed us with food - (that's one of the ways they try to spoil us when we are there- which I don't mind) My mom and I liked to sneak off to the Carter's and Osh Kosh outlet here and there. I don't know who is in heaven more when we are at a children clothing store, me or my mom? Jason hit up the Bulk Barn and got more candy and thus becoming my little brother's BEST friend- Matthew deserves an award for her serious schmoozing for candy that week.
We got in a lot of rounds of ping-pong and I actually beat Jason fair and square one time. His poor ego had a rough go dealing with that one so he demanded a rematch. He felt much better after beating his pregnant wife. I give myself a pat on the back because although he beat me 90% of the time I DID give him a run for his money and he only squeaked by with his wins for the most part. Again, his PREGNANT wife kept him on his toes! When we have the space one day a ping pong table is at the top of our wish list for sure.
Some other fun things we did were mini putting, movies and just hanging out. My parent's have lots of pictures that I need to get from them. Until then I am embarrassed that my camera consisted only of pictures of the people I see ALL the time, but certainly love. I just wasn't great at taking them in general and left it up to my camera happy parents. Also my pictures are slightly out of order, sorry!
Loved to pick flowers in Grandma's garden.
I am standing in front of a blue whale's skeleton. Ironically I am wearing blue and look/ felt like a whale in this picture.
I'm sure Drumheller puts this exhibit to shame but they had a lot of dino bones and pretty impressive displays too. These were also taken at the Museum of Nature.
She ran to my dad after picking flowers so she could show him how pretty they were. I'm sure nothing made my dad's day more than her running to him and greeting him so excited! Melts my heart.
We went to a ward "Family Fun Night", which was awesome and Heritage Ward should totally copy. They have there own mini bounce house and Brooklynn was in heaven.
Some older girlies found her and scooped her under their wings. She loves it when little girls show her attention and totally milks it 100%
We went to the Museum of Science and Tech while we were there. It's a great place to take kids because there are so many activities. Brooklynn is sitting in a train exactly like the one parked outside of Heritage Park.
The last picture I got before my camera died. Just before dad and his girl took a tour of the train.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Little Recap and Our Littlest Girly

I am due in two months. In those two months I have Halloween to whisk by and Christmas preparations in the mix. Things will either go really quick or I'll be so huge and uncomfortable they'll drag out for the first time. I have so much to do from now until then that I hope things just go by at a comfortable pace (very unlikely I know).
I have had a little guilt on my shoulders too with this pregnancy. I feel negligent with the lack of pregnancy pictures I've taken (not on purpose) and updates on how I feel throughout my blog and even ultrasound pictures. I have some they just weren't given to us digitally so I would have to go ahead and scan them... that seems tedious to me and I don't think I even know how to use our scanner come to think of it.
With all that being said DOESN'T mean I haven't felt JUST as excited and thrilled about the thought and anticipation of meeting this little angel. I can't wait to get to know her, see her and discover her individual personality and character traits. I'll admit that a lot of the time I think I'm going to have another little Brooklynn running around but than I am quick to realize that even though my sister Jenn and I are only 16 months apart we couldn't be more different in our personalities and looks for that matter. Thus leaving me to think I really can't know what to expect at all!
I have to thank this future daughter of mine. She has been a breeze so far. Her little kicks and punches are so mild and she doesn't keep me awake the way Brooklynn did! She just flutters around making me feel like she's content and just being patient down there. Maybe it's me doing something right this time but this little girl never gets hiccups. I thought they were cute with my last pregnancy but after sometime I'd get a little frustrated with them especially when the continual pulse would keep me from falling asleep at times.
I haven't had any morning sickness, heartburn etc and I'm all to grateful for it. She's made it easy enough for me to keep up with life for the most part and her energetic 18 month older sister.
I have had a few weird quirks with this pregnancy though don't get me wrong. In my first trimester I craved won ton soup. I would walk myself over to the Chinese food place behind the house and order a personal soup for myself and purchase it with pocket change and walk home. (That just seems so funny to me now for some reason...) Lately I haven't been able to get enough apples too. Today in particular has been a little crazy if I do say so myself. My breakfast consisted of homemade apple cider, half an apple that I shared with Brooklynn, homemade muffins made with applesauce, and throughout the day I have been eating spoonfuls of apple sauce right out of the jar. I even just finished some as a late night snack! I won't be shocked if this little girl has a sweet spot for apples in her diet I guess (unless I've made her sick of them all to early in life).
Again I'll add that I'm grateful so so grateful for how things have gone so far. I know I am blessed and will add again that I feel so blessed to have the surprise of her coming to join us as soon as she is. I have some close friends who have struggled with trials of conception and my heart breaks for them. I want to them to know the joy I find in being a mother, and know they yearn for it too. It's the greatest blessing and calling I've ever had and it's only about to get more exciting.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Before we put Brooklynn to bed we really try with our best efforts to do family prayers or if Jason isn't home I try to do a quick one with Brooklynn in my arms. More often than not she is squirming pointing at books or Max or something to distract me from what she knows is the inevitable (going to bed). Don't get me wrong, she's a good sleeper and goes to bed pretty well but she really tries to milk her awake time for all it's worth, and would love one more story after another, or a silly bedtime song. I love this time with her usually but sometimes it's a little overwhelming if it's late or been a long day.
Tonight was a good night in particular. We watched Sesame Street videos on Youtube, brushed our teeth, and washed up. After a quick diaper change and slipping into her jammies I asked her if we could say prayers. She immediately got distracted with something else until I said, "can you say prayers?" She just smiled and repeated a quick but perfect little prayer word for word and it was the most perfect part of my day.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Bit Guilty But SO Grateful

Lately Brooklynn has gotten into this little habit when she is rather "needy" or "thinks she is needy" and will follow me right at or on my feet and wrap around my legs, while she repeats "mommy, mommy".... and so on. I guess it sounds cute but sometimes and for the most part she does this when I'm frantically trying o prep dinner or clean something up. I've been really frustrated when she does it and I am around the stove because she latches on when I am least expecting it and trip or stumble near a hot element or oven door. SO needless to say I haven't been a fan of her desperate measure for my attention.
I just happened to pop over to the Sullenger's blog that I like to try to read every once and a while. It's sometimes hard for me to go there because the tears come instantly. However I am beyond a amazed at how they are handling their loss and clinging to the Lord for strength.
In one blog post she mentioned that she has been working on being grateful for each day and what it has to offer even when it is simply the hardest thing for her to pass by her little girls empty room, or think about how she misses her her little girl pulling a chair up or hugging her legs while she is making dinner...
That part hit me like a rock because only an hour ago I stressfully scooped up a crying Brooklynn and plopped her on the couch to watch t.v. while I made dinner because I couldn't handle her clinging to my legs and being "needy"....
So as I turn over a new leaf in this moment I am going to be first, be more patient with her during those times and not take for granted how much I will miss the day she stops hugging my legs and wanting to be up in my arms so badly. I have witnessed more so than ever how quickly time flies and it all changes. You never know what tomorrow brings so with my best efforts I want to more grateful for clingyness, leg grabs, and all the rest of her little quirks....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just for Laughs!

Brooklynn and I were on Skype with Jenny tonight and the web cam program always pops open giving us the option to take photos and play around. I rediscovered some photos we had fun taking while in Invermere and thought they were definitely worth sharing. Enjoy!

Either Brooklynn isn't impressed yet, or is scared at what she sees... I think it might be the latter.

I'm pretty sure Amanda is wiping her tears in this picture. We were in hysterics.

Brooklynn and Jenn are going to take over the world with those brains. Oh, and looks like Brookynn gives this a "thumbs-up!"
I think this one is soo cute in a rather weird distorted way...
And last but Not least, a normal looking one we took tonight. I LOVE that little grin!

Just a little update....

September is well on it's way to being over soon and it went by so fast I can't even explain it. We saw Jason back off to school and he's already talking about midterms- where does time go! I think September is by far the busiest month of the year- just throwing that out there.
We also said a sad "good bye" to Jenn and Justin who headed out to Victoria for a year. Justin is doing a year at Royal Roads University to finish his degree. On one hand I'm just soo happy for them but one the other I was devastated to know they'd be gone, and not live down the hallway anymore. I can't use the excuse to Brooklynn of going to Auntie Jenny's after dinner, or after bath or simply see her when she's home from work. She would run down the hall and spend time at her house just about everyday and I know that change is hard for the both of us. Lets be honest I loved her going over there as much as she did! It was a luxury. I'll be honest I would have LOVED her around with a new baby coming into the mix so soon too, however I KNOW they had to do this and I'm sure the year will go by quicker than slower. I really hope that it's just a great experience all around for them too.
On another side note because they moved out we had some friends move into their unit. Yes, Mark and Emily are joining the Hamlet spot and I think that's awesome. It'll be great to with them expecting, having soo many young families and kids here I'm sure Emily will find a lot of fun and support once she's at home with her little one- It's sure been a blessing for me!
We also did the long weekend in Invermere, celebrated Grandma Lee's 80th birthday, family dinners, doctors appointments and the list going on. I've enjoyed what the month has had to offer so far (except the goodbye's) and can't believe how soon time is winding down to the due date of this baby. If the second pregnancy flies by this quick I can only imagine that they go even faster each time around.
I have felt a little neglectful with recording or updating on my blog about this pregnancy but I'm just so busy and more relaxed this time I suppose. I still like to check online for weekly updates and see how she's doing, and the kicks and punches make my heart melt just as much as they did with Brooklynn. When I see pictures of couples with their newborn babies on Facebook I get excited to be there again and to hold this little angel in my arms. My pregnancy has been a blessing all the way for how amazing I feel. Heavenly Father knows I need this, especially in my circumstances and I'm so grateful for the energy and comfort I have with the AMAZING support of Jason, family and friends- you're awesome!
I will be 28 weeks soon and there is so much going on in that time I am not worried about anything feeling like a waiting game, I can actually be a little patient... WHILE I continue to pray this baby doesn't come on Christmas Eve/ Day. You can go ahead and pray for that too- that would be great :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Perfect Solution

If you are pregnant, planning on it or have been and know anything about painful joints or that nasty pinched sciatic nerve please hear me out. I am also recording this so I don't forget next time around.
SO my story is that I have really suffered this pregnancy and found myself spending almost every evening stretching on my family room floor during the day and before bed, or even after being on my feet for a while. The muscles in my lower back and hips would just seize right up and my sciatic nerve and muslces would ache and send a shooting pain down my left leg/side. I went to the chiropractor and received some valuable stretching tips but it only seemed to be temporary relief from this on going pain. I would constantly hit, rub do ANYTHING to numb the achy muscles on my lower left side.
I started to think, "okay, I just have to put up with this, and suffer until the baby comes." Your hips and joints make some serious changes over the course of a pregnancy/pregnancies. It really becomes so crucial to give your body what it needs because a baby will take everything it needs from you if you don't supply enough for the both of you.
Your body actually slows down in absorbing calcium after the age of 25. This being said you don't absorb and build strong bones the way you did prior and when you are pregnant and can't supply enough calcium in your diet or through supplements for your baby, it will get pulled from your supply, or rather your bones and given to the baby. One sign of this is nasty legs cramps. I suffered from those when pregnant with Brooklynn and I thought I was getting enough calcium through my diet, but I have almost doubled up this time around and haven't had to get out of the bed once to stretch out a nasty charlie horse! There is NOTHING fun about being woken up spontaneously with shooting pains down your leg, having to work/ stretch it out and then go back to sleep. IT SUCKS.
Another thing I came across this time around was fish oil. I took some with Brooklynn but I just started taking it regularly (every day) this pregnancy and it has almost made my sore joint issues vanish. The results were instantaneous. I am still a little sore in the lower back due to that extra weight but feel soo much better and I don't wake up sore on my left side, rely on constant stretching and massaging. The change has been astonishing. I have to admit I was pretty ignorant about this stuff and probably because I don't like anything fishy. I ended up, almost flukishly coming across some great and basic info through a friends blog. I learned some valuable tips (thanks Jen) through some discussion and simply reaffirmed why I needed to take these supplements. I always thought I would get enough Omega 3 through flax, eggs, etc but that type of Omega requires a conversion process and breakdown through certain enzymes. If you don't have enough enzymes to break it down, you don't get the benefits. As a family who lacks/ dislikes a lot of fish in our diets I figured I needed to step it up a notch and give this baby those precious omegas. Omega 3's in fish oil don't need to be broken down and your body uses them right away, they are also an anti inflammatory. Most proteins we eat build up a lot of acidity in our joints and fish oil can counter that. THUS being an answer and solution to my issues during pregnancy.
I basically want to conclude that I'm sharing this info/ research because I'm acknowledging how blessed I feel to have found this and felt prompted to make certain changes in my diet. So make sure you get lots of calcium, not just through milk but a good supplement you take with your meals and Fish oil. I purchased a brand from Norweigan Gold at Planet Organic. All I need is one a day and they have a great amount of DHA for me and baby.
If anyone finds this info valuable I'm so happy for that and if not, I'm recording it for myself to remember because this prego brain ain't what it used to be and I don't want to forget what has helped me so much this time around!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Wrap-Up Part I

A summer trend... Naps did not come soon enough after having fun outside.

Her first Stampede expereince. She was blowing kisses to all the animals in the Agriculture building.
She was pretty much in heaven.
I thought this was the funniest looking bird!
Having some lunch before we went and saw the Super Dogs show.
We played that gmbling game where you put money on a certain month of the year. Anyways they roled April (her bday month) and we got to choose a prize. Very exciting to win right off the bat!

More Ottawa:
At the airport waiting to board our plane.
She was soo spoiled there the whole time. I was too actually. I have never had soo many hours of the day with my hands free, and not to mention sleeping in!
Back to me being spoiled. This is a breakfast that my dad made me- how cute!
Mini Me, you complete me.
Going to the park with Grandma.

Bedtime stories with uncle Steve.
Cuddles from unlce Matthew
Ottawa was so much fun for the both of us. We look forward to visiting again in October.

More Cabin time in Shuswap:

Swimsuit, shoes and cover-up on and ready to go spend the day in the sun.
Most of our time outside consisted of hanging out on the dock with all of our family. Brooklynn enjoys the kidding pool filled with lake water, and also drinking shovel fulls of lake water, yuck.
She also enjoyed this baby swing. She spent hours and hours in it the summer before and for some reason I think she thought it was still hers to enjoy even though she is definitely too big now.
Oh and she also enjoyed the baby arch again but preferred to manhandle it this around.
We had the chance to master stairs out at the cabin. We are not so fortunate to have them at home and it was high time that she got used to them so I felt a little more at ease when she was near them.
On the boat with mom.
She was daddy`s little helper out at the cabin. She loved steering the boat with him,
and helping him do work in the canoe.

We also had out first and LAST (for a while) happy meal.

Mmmmm, grilled cheese and orange juice!