Saturday, January 24, 2009

A little Update @ 28 weeks

Well things are still going along quite smoothly for us. I'm crunching away at my last 10 weeks of work and Jason and I have been slowly prepping the nursery. We had such a hard time finding bedding that we liked. Well I sure did. 90% of the stuff you can buy to outfit a little baby girl’s room is quite cheesy in my mind. Too much bubble gum pink and tacky bugs, and flowers on it. I just wanted something beautiful and classy. After finding a few that we liked online, I put myself through the trouble of finding a website that would sell it to me in Canada and not cost me and arm and a leg. In the end I found the perfect set, and for much cheaper than I would have paid for a Canadian retailer to ship it in for me. Now we can start to brainstorm the colours we want to use throughout the room. Painting is the next big project.

The past week we were lucky to having 2 ultrasounds. We had one at the clinic on Wednesday morning, it was a “pregnancy” ultrasound but mainly they wanted to check on that cyst I still have. Baby was doing great and all but the cyst is still there and hasn’t changed size yet. It’s still a waiting game at this point to find out if I’ll have a C-section or not. On Thursday evening we did the U C baby ultrasound. It was quite neat; however I’m not sure if I’ll do it again. It is just waaay to expensive. I seemed to justify it as a Christmas gift with the money I received from Grandma and Grandpa Bennion. I’ll post the pictures soon, the CD is currently in the mail. I remember feeling quite antsy throughout out session because the babies face was often blurred behind the placenta and I just wanted a clear shot to know what she looked like. It made me really excited to want to see her already and not want to have to wait anymore! Oh how I would love for her to come a little early :)

Me at 28+ weeks. I am starting to feel bigger every other day. I took this picture witht he fathead behind me to enlighten Jason. The baby room used to be decked out in 49ers gear and it's all coming down now.

This is the bedding set we purchased. It looks quite washed out in the second photo but you can see all the pretty accessories it comes with. We bought the mosquito net, a lamp, and diaper stacker to go with the cirb set.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Double Digits

Whoohoo my little baby ticker says 99 days to go! I may end up being over due a week or so but it's nice to see that it isn't a hundred and some odd days anymore. The count down is on! It's funny because the surrealness of being pregnany is fading away and it is starting to feel a lot more intense. I need to post another tummy shot soon because I do look noticably bigger. I get kicked and punched all the time too. One of my girlfriends told me it was such a gradual thing everytime she saw me that I didn't look really pregnant to her yet, but being gone at Christmas and seeing me now, it's obvious that I've grown. I have just over 3 months left -crazy. I can't believe how much time has flown by but at the same time I think these last few months will be the longest. Sleeping is more uncomfortable and as much as I can't wait to meet our little girl I can't wait for spring. Both come at the same time and I just feel like both will never get here soon enough. I can't wait till that little baby ticker says 9 days!