Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm chunky?

No I wasn't referring to myself there but either way I'm working on it. However, the Nurse said Brooklynn was pleasantly plump today at our 2 month visit. She is in the 86th percentile for weight at her age and in the 50th percentile for height. She is eating very well and breast fed babies are normally high in the weight category before 6 month and then they level out quite nicely.
Brooklynn got her immunizations today as well and has a couple battle wounds on her thighs from the three needles. I couldn't believe how quick they poke them. She was done 3 needles in less than 30 seconds. When they first poked her she was sound asleep and woke up instantly, beat red, and screamed with fury... BUT she cried for about 10 second after all her shots, and instantly went back to sleep in mommy's arms. The nurse was so surprised at how quickly she calmed down. What a big girl :)
I'd also like to add this funny note that the Doctor mentioned to Jason and I that Brooklynn is a quote, unquote, "Stampede Baby". Yes-apparently a lot of people get prego, or knocked around Stampede each year and April is by far the busiest time for babies to be born in Calgary. I'd like to state that Brooklynn was definitely planned, and by no means the result of too much Stampede partying/throwing caution to the wind/possibly mixed with a few too many drinks type of planning. I was rather amused by this statistic.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer So Far

As I was pondering about what pictures and info I might add to this blog entry. It seems that all I want to talk about is Brooklynn. Isn't it funny how so many blogs inevitably end up being journal tributes to your children? At least for the most part. There isn't anything wrong with it in my mind, I plan to publish my blog one day and I hope Brooklynn will appreciate what I've tried to record and what memories I've tried to vividly keep in my blog with pictures.
Anyways we've been up to a few fun activities thus far, but nothing too upbeat either. Brooklynn and I have been enjoying some beautiful walks with Jen Low and Charlotte around the Glenmore Reservoir. Charlotte and Brooklynn have become great friends- just wait till they start talking and actually playing together, it'll be so cute!

This is the most recent photo, it was taken this morning during a video shoot- so check out facebook as it's being posted on there as I type!

Aren't friends great? No matter what age you are, they're always such a treasure. Brooklynn looks like she was talking about something very serious with her clenched fist and Charlotte is gently contemplating her views on the matter. They are so cute.
Even if your friend is a lot harrier than you...

Showing off her pretty outfit. She is such a little diva sometimes- girls are so much fun!

These last two photos I wanted to add because she has such a different look in each. This one she looks so much more like Jason's side of the family. I see a Bennion look here.

And this one she looks like such a mini version of her mom.
Today Jason leaves for BC again to fix a hole in the roof of their cabin. A tree fell over and punctured through the front side of the roof did some real damage. Brooklynn and mom will be having some good old quality girl time again. Last time Jason had to go it was a little tricky at times because Brooklynn wasn't sleeping well and I was so tired, however (I'm knocking on wood every time I mention this) she has slowly gotten into some routine. She's been waking up to feed around 8am each morning and we've patterned the day so she has her last feed around 10pm just before bed, and she's been going through the whole night. She has woken up a few times because she unswaddled herself but once we fix that she dozes back off to dreamland. The extra sleep had been amazing!