Monday, May 7, 2012

Today I witnessed how quickly hearts can be softened.  Fighting, pettiness and pride need to be swallowed and put a side to make room for compassion, kindness and patience.   More people end up happier when this is done.  I am grateful to gain a greater testimony of this today!  I am grateful for the people in my life who set such a great example of this too  :)  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 years

I remember it like it was last week.  My fingers were frozen, I couldn't feel my toes, my hair was going flat, and my make-up was washing off.
We were all getting covered in rain and slightly freezing but we managed to get through and while some might think that rain on your wedding day sucks (it kinda does...) it made for some pretty cute pictures with the umbrellas. We continued to fight with the crazy weather that day...

My hair was everywhere and I almost lost my veil over a cliff in Waterton.  The wind in Waterton wasn't just crazy, it was INSANE!
Again, CRAZY hair.
I guess we could also say Jason is a little crazy too?
We were CRAZY in love...
And to be honest, I am still CRAZIER than ever about him.

Jason and I took off for an anniversary date last night.  We had dinner at Cravings and went dancing.  Yes, dancing! It was awesome and I definitely had the cutest dance partner there.  The theme for 5 years is wood and I think we put a great and interesting angle on it- we spent a whole hour learning the East Coast Swing together on a huge HARDWOOD dance floor!  We had a really good time, and I look forward to the next time and of course the next 5 years!