Sunday, July 17, 2011

We're Back

I feel as though I had fallen off the face of the earth for about half a month. We were out at Shuswap for a long time, mainly because it was most likely our last time out at that cabin because Jason's parent's are selling their half to Jason's uncle. It's pretty out there but I am excited about the new place they bought which is on Wasa Lake. A lot closer to drive to, less isolated and has a lot of property to play on and do activities on.
July has gone by too fast in my mind. My birthday came and went super quick and I wasn't embracing the big 27 but it was actually the best birthday I have had in a while. Jason spoiled me but not until he had me thinking he didn't have time to get me anything and that we wouldn't do anything special for it either. He made me a little scavenger hunt and hid presents for me all around the cabin. He tricked me with having me open things like water shoes and candy at first (making me think he bought all my gifts at the sea store) and then to my surprise I opened some really nice clothes and a pandora bracelet! I was shocked and felt totally humbled because I kept ragging on him about not wanting to turn 27 and how my birthdays usually lack excitement... he really did surprise me :D
Anyways I got to go to our ward today after not being there for a couple of weeks and I was soo happy to see my friends. I had missed many of them dearly. I love our ward and I am so sad to leave it. I love all the young ladies I have met and the experiences and friendships we share. It's really made me love this stage of my life. I know we will meet new friends and have fun adventures in the ward we'll switch too but it's hard to say goodbye :(
I probably have a ton of more stuff I could write about but I HAVE to get some pictures up. My girls are getting so big. Alivia is growing and growing and today I pulled Brooklynn onto my lap during sacrament meeting and it hit me that she is HUGE! She is not a baby. She's my big girl. Her build, personality and speech are that of a little girl. She is becoming so capable now and independent. It's making me want Alivia to slow down a little because they really aren't "little" for very long. I do look forward to when they'll run around together but I just love their baby stage too.
On another note to being back... we seem to be adjusted at my in-law's. In my last post I mentioned how our sleeping arrangements had been stressful... well since we've been back my girls are sleeping better and so am I. The cabin was hard on them and even harder on me, but Alivia is doing 12 hours again and so is Brooklynn. So I feel less exhausted :)
Now I just need my husband to come home (he's driving back right now) and get the ball rolling with renos and organizing the rest of our lives!