Tuesday, May 21, 2013

39 weeks!

Well, here we are-- the final stretch!  I can't believe I'm due in a week (give or take).  I have never been overdue but hey, I get that it can happen... I'm just hoping to be on time of course!
Since I last blogged life has not slowed down.  We got that Oakridge house and Jason has been flat out since. We put the job hunt on a slower pace, or kind of on hold...  we just knew if we were to buy a house that needed fixing up, we'd hope to get as much done before the baby arrived.  
Oh, how I envy families who live in a house ready and willing to accommodate a growing family.  It'd be fun to already be in there and have a bedroom/ nursery set up.  As of now I've been organizing and fixing my side of our bedroom for the baby and it'll have to do until we can finally get in our new place.  I think we are really going to like it there and I'm excited to have a huge yard that the kids can play in and enjoy.
The girls are loving the warm weather, and to be honest we've had an amazing Spring thus far.  I was retaining water from the heat but I don't want to complain because I'm not going to be pregnant through the summer and it's so nice to have the snow gone and be outside more.
Alivia has learned to ride her tricycle we gave her for her birthday  She is FAST and can go around the whole block keeping up with Brooklynn and her daddy just fine.  She can't reach the peddles yet but has a quick and efficient stride that seems to do the trick. I can't join them unfortunately :(  My hips are way to sore and I just try to get by with the things I have to do.  I really can't wait for the relief because it is very painful at this point.
Brooklynn has been loving her new scooter and enjoying her training wheels too.  She has grown up so much, and they are both really good helpers lately.  Jason made them some new reward charts and they work like a gem!  They have a variety of goals/ rewards to reach with certain amounts of stickers earned.  After they've filled their chart the final reward is a Menchie date!  The other morning Liv pointed to the Menchie logo on her chart and started dancing while singing "menchie date, menchie date"  It's now evolved to a whole song and dance that they do with Jason and it is so cute.
Jason got to go golfing this morning, first time this year!  He went with a good friend, Jared Oler and I guess he shot 90... I look forward to when he can work on his golf game more.  I know it means a lot to him because he enjoys it so much.  I am sometimes humbled by how hard he works though.  He has sacrificed a lot of time and energy the last few years especially.  I guess since grad school he hasn't had a lot of time for leisurely things.  He did start playing ball again on Tuesdays, and I'm glad he has that outlet, otherwise he is just flat out out with stuff I know he doesn't enjoy the way I'd hope he could.
Even though we are still in Riverbend we did start attending Heritage Ward about a month ago and I LOVE it.  I guess they transfered our records a little earlier than expected but it's fine with me. I feel at home in that ward.  It's great.  Jason is loving it too.  Brooklynn is so happy to have Ivy Ausmus as a buddy and Liv is loving nursery there.  Everyone is so incredibly friendly!
Well I hope this post has brought things up to speed.  I can't wait to post about our little boy who should join us so soon!