Friday, May 29, 2009

Soo Precious

Brooklynn was a week and 2 days old when these pictures were taken. Heidi did such an incredible job and if any of you have little babies, or babies on the way try and snag her to do a photo shoot for you. I'm so happy to have these pictures, to capture her teeny tiny features when she was so very new. I can't belive how small she was only a month ago!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 Weeks

I can't believe how fast time flies. All you mothers out there know exactly what I am talking about. Brooklynn is showing more and more of her personality each day and I LOVE it! I can't help but laugh when I prop her up in her swing so she can look around a little better, and 20 minutes will go by and she is still wide eyed looking around or staring right at me and I haven't noticed because the norm would be her dozzing off in five minutes for a 2 hour peaceful slumber. She has so much of the world to look at now and the facination in her eyes is priceless.

I've also tried the Bumbo out a few times and she was quite the bobble head up until this morning when we tried it again -so much progress over here I tell ya.

We had a doctors appointment yesterday for Brooklynn and myself. It was both our 6 week check ups and everything it looking great with both of us. It is something I thank Heavenly Father for everyday that she is so healthy and wonderful. She now weighs 11lbs 1oz, and is 58 cm's long. She has less hair though- hoping that will come back sooner than later!

It's pretty crazy the milestones you reach each week or even days sometimes. She has also begun a little baby talk too, this morning it sounded like she was expressing her gas pains, and that is fine I am all ears for her.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What we've been up to

Things have been busy busy over here, I feel like it's non-stop work, sleep a little, work ,work, sleep a little more, work and the cycle continues... A LOT of work, but yet so rewarding too.
I've had the oppertunity to head back to the gym but it's hard and I feel stressed out with having to be home in time to feed Brooklynn. And lets be honest if you are nursing it can make some physical activity pretty uncomfortable at times (ie: running). So I'm trying to hang in there and stick to it because I've been in a contract with Spa Lady almost a year now, and a good chunk of that time I was pregnant. I basically signed up for a membership and didn't know that I was pregnant yet, lol. Bad timing I guess.
Brooklynn is growing and growing though, we have a doctors appointment on Monday, so we'll post the updated weight and measurements soon.
She is such a happy girl and her presonality melts my heart over and over again. I love her more than I can find words for and can't picture life without her.

And now for a picture update...

Uncle Justin bought her some sweet new kicks. They're socks that look like Jordan Air Nike's.

Just hanging out with daddy and her best friend.

Not really wanting her picture taking at this time, and it was only moments later that the frown on he facer disapeared when a rumble went into her diaper! She was happy and content RIGHT after.

I had some fun with her when she was sleeping the other night.

First stroller ride. We had a lovely walk yesterday with Jenn & Charlotte, and Lisa and Mylie down around the reservoir.

My friend Jaime from highschool sent this cute outfit and pink elephant to Brooklynn, how thoughtful!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Smile Milestone!

It's official, and I dont' have to question it ANYMORE! My baby girl can smile at me and it is so heartwarming, and cute, and I am THIRLLED!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank you Aunt Megan!

I had to post a picture of this, he's so cute. Megan brought him back some Mickey ears from Disney World.

Getting Bigger

She is growing soo fast! I love the changes in her but at the same time I am missing the teeny tiny baby I came home with 4 weeks ago! She will be a month old on Thursday, I can't believe how fast time has flown.
I borrowed a great book from my friend Jen and it's called, The Baby Sleep Solution. It bascially helps you coach your baby to sleep through the night and this has been my main task as of yesterday. I'll let you know how this goes as time progresses. The key as far as I understand now is to have your baby feed 24 oz in 24 hours, but instead of feedings being stretched throughout day and night, you condense all your feeding into a 12 hour block. It will take a lot of time to establish this routine but if I can establish her sleeping longer at night I will stick with it as best I can.
On Saturday night we went out to dinner with Jason's parents and his mom hadn't seen Brooklynn in over a week. She immidiately commented on how much she has grown, how cute she is etc... And then I mentioned that she is starting to get chuncky, and his mom said, "yes she looks just like her mommy!" I had to laugh becuase I knew she didn't mean it the way it sounded. Brooklynn does look a lot like me, it was just very funny with the order of the comments. Either way I was a huge baby so she does look like me in that respect. I have to find a baby photo of myself soon so everyone can visually compare us.
Here's another photo update for everyone, especially for my parent's - we sure miss having you around!

Monday, May 4, 2009

2 Years for US, and almost 3 weeks for HER

Two Years and going stronger by the moment! Happy Anniversary Sweetheart- I love you tons!!!
Jason made me a lovely dinner that we enjoyed in our home while Brooklynn had a nap, and he got me 2 dozen peach roses (a dozen for each year, I wonder if he'll add another dozen each year?) We kept things simple and it was everything I'd hope for and more.

I can't believe it was 2 years ago that Jason and I were sealed together for time and eternity. Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday but then there are moments where we feel like we've been doing the family thing forever and not having him by my side seems like a lifetime ago. I with out a doubt believe that we bring some memories or feelings of relationships with us from heaven, and that is why we feel such instant and powerful connections with people in this life because the connection was already there once before. Having a baby in our home has been quite the spiritual journey so far and I have gained understanding and such great conviction of the bond of families, that they existed before this earth life and will continue on afterward, and also the immense love that binds them together and that our Heavenly Father posseses for each of his children. I am so greatful for my growth in that respect, it's been sort of life changing for me in the past few weeks.

Here are a few selections or moments captured over the last 3 weeks. I can't believe how fast she is growing. This morning after she was done feeding I was holding her and I am positive she looked at me and smiled, I know it's a good chance she had some gas but she was looking RIGHT at ME and I will keep that as a special memory :)

THe day we brought her home from the hospital, April 15th.

I love her BIG blue eyes. She is 10 days old in this picture.

Sitting on daddy's lap, and 2 weeks old.

On our way to a wedding reception, both looking cuter than ever.

Having some tummy time and almost 3 weeks old. I can't believe how fast she is growing. We had a doctor's appointment later today and she weighed 9lbs 3 oz. A whole 2 pounds more than when she was born. She takes after her mommy!