Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines

I was spoiled this morning with breakfast in bed. I don't know how many things make you feel more spoiled than that. Brooklynn shared it with me as she played with her Kinder surprise toys, and sillybands. Jason was good to his girls :)

(I don't know why this picture wouldn't rotate) Jason made me yummy homemade strawberry pancakes, and scrambled eggs - he even brought me my vitamins!
Enjoying her sillybands.
She shared with Alivia too. What a great big sister!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My lovely Girls

I LOVE how much Brooklynn loves Alivia, and I can't wait until they can play and interact more with one another. I love embracing the girlyness and matchy-match outfits. My wonderful sister in-law got them these gorgeous skirts that her friend Anette makes. You can check her stuff out at - she makes some REALLY cute stuff!

I can't get enough of how cute they looked, I wish I had more of Brooklynn strutting around but sometimes she doesn't like the camera and especially after 3 hours of church when she needs a nap... I got lots of Alivia though :)

Cute sister photos #1
# 2, and getting a little impatient...

She had had quite enough after those few photos, Sundays are hard with naps being pushed WAY too late into the afternoon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bye Bye Binty

Attempt #2 is underway to say "bye bye"... This won't be the easiest task for little Brooklynn to give up but she's a big girl and we're giving this another go. We tried back when she was 18 months but I didn't try very hard. I quickly caved when she wouldn't stop screaming the very first night of with drawl. At least we're able to reason with her these days, so I'm assuming it'll make it easier as we try to bribe her and stuff.
For some reason every time she gets Jason's attention she asks for her beloved "binty" (yes that's how she pronounces it, and us too now) He caves a lot more often than me and it drives me nuts that she has to cry for it in the middle of the day randomly for no reason, and it's really become a germ issue as she plays with it everywhere and drops it EVERYWHERE. I'm constantly scrubbing binkys with soap and hot water throughout the day.
Anyways she tried to pull another fast one on Jason this evening and just started crying for no reason and asking for a "binty". I was impressed when he went ahead and snipped the tip of the nipple off with a pair of scissors and gave it to her. It was HEARTBREAKING to see her reaction. She was devastated that her "binty" was broken. We even videotaped it and I was trying hard not to laugh at her ridiculous reaction but at the same time I did feel bad because she loves it so much.
Anyways tonight we put her to bed without it and we reasoned with her that it is broken and should go in the garbage and she agreed with us on that.
Another thing Brooklynn likes to go to bed with is a song. Every night she asks Jason or I to sing her the "temple" song. Usually she lays on her back looking at me with a plug in her mouth as I sing "I Love to See the Temple" to her, however tonight when I sang it to her she joined in! I had no idea she knew the words but how would I know? Silly girl always had her mouth full with a binty!
So needless to say it was a pleasant and yet heartwarming surprise to hear my happy little girl sing that precious primary song with me... then followed by about 10 minutes of screaming when I left the room. In my mind that's pretty awesome- way to go Brooklynn!