Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Thusfar

Jason and I are eager to see how the stars will align in the next few months.  He has been graduated since January and things are really slow right now in the job hunt- we hope something gives soon!  It's been nice to see him a little more consistently around the house and I hope I make every second count a little more because when he does find a job I know I will miss him!
We've been successful at attending the temple every month since it opened in November.  I love having a temple in Calgary.  It gives me hope and strengthens my faith that given the opportunity to go more often allows our lives to feel more directed and blessed.  We could use direction and blessing right now like you wouldn't believe!
We are trying to settle on a home.  We put an offer on a bi-level in Oakridge and if all goes well we will be starting renos and getting ready to move either before or after this baby arrives.  Arrival of baby is expected in 10 weeks :)  No pressure right??!!
Otherwise we will hang around a little longer in Riverbend and hope that we can find a job, a different house and most likely move shortly after the baby is born.  This option requires a listed house and house showings with a brand new baby... not very appealing if you ask me :(
Jason has continued to be busy around the Hamlet.  He had a "problem tenant" last month and was she ever a handful!  Let alone her unit was in terrible shape and Jason had to spend a lot of time fixing things and making it "rent-able" again. Now that it's done I'm hoping that things work out with this Oakridge house and if and when he does find a job it will still give him some flexibility to do the necessary work on the house before we move in.
A lot is up in the air I guess and I will hopefully have positive updates soon!


A Wee Wittle Update on B, A... and the (still nameless) Baby!

It won't be long now and I will be trying to squeeze in some posts to update the world on three children regularly.  For now these girls of our's keep us busier than ever and the madness will only peak with a newborn!!

- She is turning 4 next month!
- loves preschool
- is loving tidbits gymnastics
- has been very helpful with completely chores
         -makes her bed every morning before leaving her room
         - will do anything to get a sticker
         - sharing has come a long way
         - helps her sister go potty all the time

- has made a lot of good friendships through preschool and gymnastics
- is in Primary!
        - always raising her hand to volunteer
        - loves singing
        - gives the sweetest prayers, at home or church
- loves to wear a princess dress
- enjoys her new salon that Auntie Amanda (Troll) bought her for Christmas and is eager to offer "salon check-ups" to anyone who needs one :)
- wants to be a doctor, policeman and a mommy when she grows up
- has been talking about her birthday for months and months and is slowly but surely narrowing down her ideas

Brooklynn, you're growing so fast, I love you bring inquisitive personality.  You are so much fun and so full of life and love.  You are a wonderful big sister and I think you will do a stellar job at being a helpful mommy when you get another sibling :)

- approaching 2 1/2 faster than ever-- almost as fast as she moves around the house
- busy, busy, busy
- always has a baby tucked under her arm and a never ending supply of makeshift beds and dish clothes as blankets
- is sweeter, tender and more polite than we knew possible and YET so much SASS when she wants to dish it!
- will be a great BIG sister
- tells me she has a baby boy in her belly named, boy
- loves song after song at bedtime now
- wants to do everything on her own  and her favorite saying, "I do it myself!"
- plays really well on her own and is very independent
- will try to swing, hang or climb on anything she can manage
- can hold a solid phone conversation with her Auntie, Gamma and Grandpa now
- reoccurring dreams of "horsies" every night (they are always named, "horsie", pink in colour and say "naaay, nay")
-hair is coming in a little more but we still can't put a clip in it
-keeps mom on her toes, literally
- unbelievably accident prone
- wants to do everything her bigger sister does - gymnastics is a real battle at times as she wants to do everything B's class does
- is POTTY TRAINED-- she did awesome, 25 months was a great age for both girls :)
- currently OBSESSED with Dora

Alivia, you are one fiery, sweet, sweet little girl.  You are beautiful inside and out.  You love to cuddle my tummy and tell me that it is growing bigger and that you want to see the baby.  You will be a great big sister and a perfect little mommy to a real baby soon.  Until then, you do a wonderful job taking care of all your stuffed animal and baby dolls-- they are lucky to have you :)

Baby Lee #3
- still nameless-- we are having the hardest time picking one :(
- you sure get a lot of cuddles already - your sisters love you!
- mom and dad are doing U C Baby to prove once again you are a boy
        - I think someone needs to pinch your dad because he still can't believe it (hence the U C Baby appointment)
- of course you are coming at an exciting time with house shopping, moving and renos creeping into the next few months
- mom loves to fall asleep and wake up to your kicks and punches
- eager to see how cute you are
- wondering if you will have a dimple in your chin like your sister's and mom have
- mom is measuring almost 2 weeks bigger than her due date and is hoping you won't be TOO big
- you have a new baby boy cousin, Jackson and he is excited to kick it with you and share trucks and train toys while you are little and shoot hoops with you when you get bigger!
- you have another cousin coming just 3 months after you arrive-- not sure on gender yet
- you have become a much easier pregnancy and you NEVER get hiccups! (mom likes that)

We will keep you and everyone posted on a name when the right one comes to us.  We hope all is well and we pray that you are growing strong and healthy everyday.  We feel so blessed and IF you really are a boy we are excited to shift the girly dynamic in our lives and bring on the colour blue, toy trucks, cars, sports, and cute manly boy stuff!