Friday, November 23, 2012

A Little Belated Halloween Post

Halloween was fun this year and FREEZING.  I never grew up having to endure this kinda snow and low temperatures but apparently Jason did and he said it never stopped him... Who are we kidding though?  There isn't a lot out there that could stop Jason from satisfying a candy craving or rather the opportunity to haul in like a kid can on Halloween.  Our girls did pretty good!  At first Liv was determined to open and eat every new candy as soon as it was placed in her bucket.  She got the hang of it though.  She was scared she might lose it (mom take it away) before she could inhale it.  She freaks out (literally squeals and tries to shoo me away) if I come near her when she's trying mooch off of someone for fear that I'll intervene. 
We had a real case of the sugar highs throughout October, especially Brooklynn.  Between mother's groups, pre-school and trick or treating we needed to find our balance quickly.  Brooklynn was getting up in the night, having bad dreams, not able to fall asleep properly etc.  I mean I try to regulate it but all that processed crap really does a number on my kids.  Anyway, good thing it's once a year because I love to pound back mini chocolate bars as much as the next mom!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lee Babee #3

We finally let the word out- it was killing me- I don't like keeping exciting news in that long (from family)!  I'm just over 13 weeks and we told our loved ones last Sunday as we did a belated Birthday celebration for Jason. The reaction from my mother in law was priceless, pretty sure there was a tear or two or joy.  We told my family over skype and they seemed surprised yet happy at the same time :) I'm really excited- we all are! And we're SO grateful that things looked wonderful at our 12 week ultrasound.
A funny story that I have mentioned to a few people, is the way I first found out- makes me laugh a little so I will share.
 In all honestly I felt pretty confident I knew I was pregnant moments after it happened... I just knew my monthly schedule very well and could tell things were different WAY to early on (this is another reason I feel like I have been keeping this secret for so long- I "just knew" weeks before I could test anything)  Anyway I ended up taking pregnancy tests too early and getting negatives but didn't loose "hope"  I just kept thinking, "ugh, how much longer until I have proof?!"  I took a test really early on day #23 or #24 of my cycle and it was negative again.  I stared at it for five or ten minutes while somewhat half asleep and STILL nothing. Just one little itty bitty line, so I tossed it in the waste basket.
Two or three days later I was collecting garbage in one big garbage bag (all my waste baskets get dumped right before garbage day)  and I saw the test box...  Yes, picked through my garbage wondering if the test did anything over the last 2-3 days... it had changed... it was now POSITIVE.  I was baffled it ended up changing!  I took 2 more after that, still days before I thought I would take another and got a few very faint double lines.  I had one last test to save for a later day in hope to get a more prominent positive, I showed that one to Jason (who's reaction was only as sweet as I could imagine)
Jason always says the right things in an emotional moment.  I was more than happy but nerves can creep up on you and things like, "the transition from two to three kids is the hardest" started going through my mind.  The fact that we are due in the spring and will probably have to move soon after the baby arrives was going through my head too.  Jason simply hugged me and said, "Don't stress, it will all work out!"  I'm glad he put it that way because I let that phrase go through my mind a lot and it allows me to focus on the good things and to allow myself to feel more grateful than worried sometimes.
It's fun talking to our girls about it.  I think Brooklynn "gets it"  except she keeps wanting to feel the baby kick because Lisa's baby kicks.  We'll get there :)
Another funny story is that my sister Amanda dressed Liv one day and randomly put her in some of Brooklynn's hand-me-downs that were folded in the closet.  My sister (without thinking) put on Brooklynn's old shirt that says, "Big Sister" on it.  When I saw Liv wearing the outfit I asked her why she put THAT shirt  on to which Amanda replied, "Oh, I wasn't even paying attention" I then explained to her that the shirt was very appropriate because I was 9 weeks along at the time.  It was a cute, funny and heart warming moment.  I'm glad I got to tell her and trust her to keep it quiet for a while.  I also told Jenn right from the get-go pretty much because she was living with me at the beginning and I couldn't hide the tiredness/ sleepiness from her.  She did a good job keeping it quiet from my mom and dad too!
How am I feeling?  Okay.  Better than before.  I was really nauseous in the beginning  and really food sensitive.  More than I remember being with my first two pregnancies.... and I thought each pregnancy got easier than the last?  Not in this case.
I can't end this post without again emphasizing how grateful we are.  As many of you know I had surgery last Spring and they had to remove one of my ovaries.  It was quite the possibility that my body would need to adjust. It was my hope for my other ovary to take over quickly and do the work of two ovaries by ovulating every month, not every other month (which is generally the case when you have two- they take turns).  I can honestly say I don't think it missed a beat because I have been completely normal/ regular and that it a HUGE blessing to acknowledge.
Children are a lot of work, I already know and I am really going to have things cut out for me again this Spring.  I can't think of any type of work that brings someone more joy and fulfilment in someone's life.  With that being said, I really do feel richly blessed :)
Photo: It's official.  Another 49ers fan in the making!!
Future quarterback?
Photo: Dad's 49er's cheerleader's do him proud!
or another Cheerleader?