Monday, August 13, 2012

true love

  I love catching moments of us being fun, and young together.  We are fun and young but sometimes, or a lot of the time life can make us forget and feel differently...  I love that we have 5+ years of marriage under our belts, and 2 kids - I wouldn't change it for the world, and to know we won't be students any longer when the spring gets here is totally AWESOME!  It's been a fun ride with you so far Jason :)

Summer Fun

These girls have been so much fun for me this summer and being a mother and spending my time with them throughout the day means more then I could possibly have EVER imagined.  I'm so thankful that Jason feels it is so important for me to be at home and by their side's raising them.  I am so thankful that he works hard enough so I can enjoy doing that as my job too.  They really light up my world. They are my life and my everything.  It's not always peachy, or simply fun in the sun (that's for sure) but all the laughs, excitement,  cuteness, the milestones I witness, the love and most of all JOY they bring to me sure make-up for the hard times.  I am SO grateful to be your mommy Brooklynn and Alivia, xox. 
Photo: The wasa princess- just doing her thing!

Photo: Just an apron and a sunhat - that's how we roll!

I had to...

Umm, this is just too funny to get lost in the mix of FB.  Liv, I'll make sure to pull this picture out the day we need to have a serious talk about "future girl things" P.s. Stay outta my purse ya' monkey!