Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hooray for Our Little Liv!

She took a wobbly set of three steps tonight and then leaped/ fell into my arms.  We were both so excited and both so proud.  She jumped up and down in my arms with excitement.  It was SO cute!

She is growing up so fast and while a lot of people complain about their kids walking and getting into everything- I LOVE it!  They are so much happier and excited about the world once they start walking and as long as we're baby proofed and teaching her certain boundaries, I think it's awesome having your little one take off on two feet.

I hope I have my camera ready the next time she does it- she totally made my day :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The things I do seem so in vain.  I had a rough couple of mornings this weekend.  Liv is teething.  I KNOW for a fact it's teething.  She is gumming everything, has red cheeks (both sets) and wakes up in the night because she is just so uncomfortable.

Anyways, yesterday morning started just GREAT with a wake up call from Liv @ 5:45am.  I let her cry fr a bit.  She keeps crying. I go get her and bring her in bed with me but she is fussy beyond belief and keeps tossing and turning.  I'm SO tired and Jason is now irritated with me for bringing her in our bed.... Brooklynn has been woken by Liv's crying (it's now about 7:30am)

We head downstairs (me and the girls) to get a bottle for Liv and Brooklynn wants to watch "little girl" shows.  I am almost convinced she knows that she can win with me on mornings that start too early and I'm clearly looking a little "off beat"- she gets whatever she wants because I don't have any energy.  This being the 3rd day of early wake-up calls... I'm a zombie.

I turn on shows and let her snack on some goldfish crackers that were left out...  I attempt to feed Liv breakfast.  I HATE the burden of trying to get her to eat when she is teething.  Sometimes she screams at me the whole time and if I don't get her to eat she just gets more irritable and it affects her ability to get a good sleep later on.  I somehow accomplish this task by letting her gnaw on a pretzel and I shove spoon fulls of rice cereal and applesauce in her mouth when it is slightly opened (she loves to fight with me and keep her lips pursed).  By the end she is an absolute MESS and reeeeally needs a bath.  Brooklynn was in dire need of a bath too.

So I go upstairs and run a bath.  It seems like the best idea because Liv will sleep real good after a bath and a full tummy and they love to play in there forever! (we all win right?)

Liv drops a dookie after 5 minutes.

I saw her face go beat red and knew exactly what she was doing so I hauled Brooklynn out immediately and wrapped her in a towel and then grabbed Liv.  I grabbed her before she was "done" so a mess got on the floor and all over the towel.  Brooklynn's hair was full of shampoo still...great.

That little nugget she dropped in the tub was the straw that broke the camels back.

I quickly dressed Liv and put her down for a nap- thanks goodness she napped!  I put on more "little girl" shows for Brooklynn and crawled back into bed.

I am SO glad Jason was home that morning to take over.  I don't know what I would have done!