Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because I have been told to write this down...

Miss Brooklynn is quite the little observant, inquisitive, bright eyed girl in our lives.  The stuff she comes up with sometimes really impresses me or really kills me (meaning she is hilarious).

We've been living with Jason's parent's and she has developed a morning routine of going up to her grandparents room to see if they are awake.  Every morning she says, "Hi Grandpa (or Nana) I had a good sleep, I dreamt of more puppies(brown puppies, named "puppy"), can you make me a smoothie?"

So when I get up in the morning she is usually at the island with Grandpa, reading the newspaper and drinking a smoothie.

Recently when I came up one morning Grandpa informed me that she walked in their room, and then to the bathroom and found Grandpa fresh outta the shower... She said, "Hi Grandpa, I like your BUM!"  (He then called for Nana's help)

This evening she was helping me take clothes out of the dryer and she grabbed my bra.  She said, "Oh it's your boobie thing!"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I forgot!

I was on Heidi'a website today and found this picture of my baby as I was scrolling through her newborn section.  She has grown soo quickly.  Our life I feel has been so busy and I think I've been a little more than stressed lately with the changes and transitions taking place that I've barely noticed that she's pushing 8 months old already!  It's making me miss her floppy, sleepy newborn body.  She was soo tiny!  I think I got a little emotional seeing this- seriously.  I love that she is getting so big and so full of personality but it's happening too fast.  Slow down Alivia!