Friday, November 23, 2012

A Little Belated Halloween Post

Halloween was fun this year and FREEZING.  I never grew up having to endure this kinda snow and low temperatures but apparently Jason did and he said it never stopped him... Who are we kidding though?  There isn't a lot out there that could stop Jason from satisfying a candy craving or rather the opportunity to haul in like a kid can on Halloween.  Our girls did pretty good!  At first Liv was determined to open and eat every new candy as soon as it was placed in her bucket.  She got the hang of it though.  She was scared she might lose it (mom take it away) before she could inhale it.  She freaks out (literally squeals and tries to shoo me away) if I come near her when she's trying mooch off of someone for fear that I'll intervene. 
We had a real case of the sugar highs throughout October, especially Brooklynn.  Between mother's groups, pre-school and trick or treating we needed to find our balance quickly.  Brooklynn was getting up in the night, having bad dreams, not able to fall asleep properly etc.  I mean I try to regulate it but all that processed crap really does a number on my kids.  Anyway, good thing it's once a year because I love to pound back mini chocolate bars as much as the next mom!

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