Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Family Day With Horses

A good friend of Jason's mentioned a while back that we should bring our girls to his ranch to see their horses. As we spent the morning mulling over ideas for a family activity this beautiful Saturday, I remembered that sweet little offer and so we took off to Springbank.
 Both Brooklynn and Alivia were so excited.  As soon as we walked over to the corals, and pens Liv saw a minature donkey and was about to jump out of her skin, "I wide (ride) it, I wide it! Hi, baby horsie, hi- I wide it, I wide it!!" We grabbed a big bag of carrots on our way and the girls were going about from horse to horse feeding them carrots and screaming or laughing when their hands got goobered.  I have to admit, I was in heaven too.  What girl ever loses their love for horses? Not me.

Yes, Jason being a goof- trying to get the horse to eat an apple off the top of his head!

We had such a perfect day, and I am grateful when we can do something fun, meaningful and memorable as a family that doesn't break the bank.  It can be hard to find simple yet fun family activities outside the house that cost little or nothing.  If anyone has some ideas or would like to share some things you have done please Do tell.
We are excited to go back in the Spring, we might actually get to ride them :)

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