Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Thusfar

Jason and I are eager to see how the stars will align in the next few months.  He has been graduated since January and things are really slow right now in the job hunt- we hope something gives soon!  It's been nice to see him a little more consistently around the house and I hope I make every second count a little more because when he does find a job I know I will miss him!
We've been successful at attending the temple every month since it opened in November.  I love having a temple in Calgary.  It gives me hope and strengthens my faith that given the opportunity to go more often allows our lives to feel more directed and blessed.  We could use direction and blessing right now like you wouldn't believe!
We are trying to settle on a home.  We put an offer on a bi-level in Oakridge and if all goes well we will be starting renos and getting ready to move either before or after this baby arrives.  Arrival of baby is expected in 10 weeks :)  No pressure right??!!
Otherwise we will hang around a little longer in Riverbend and hope that we can find a job, a different house and most likely move shortly after the baby is born.  This option requires a listed house and house showings with a brand new baby... not very appealing if you ask me :(
Jason has continued to be busy around the Hamlet.  He had a "problem tenant" last month and was she ever a handful!  Let alone her unit was in terrible shape and Jason had to spend a lot of time fixing things and making it "rent-able" again. Now that it's done I'm hoping that things work out with this Oakridge house and if and when he does find a job it will still give him some flexibility to do the necessary work on the house before we move in.
A lot is up in the air I guess and I will hopefully have positive updates soon!

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