Monday, May 12, 2008

The Weekend

It is currently 11pm on Monday night... I have been asleep on the couch since 7pm - haha I am going to regret this tomorrow morning when I have to drag my self outta bed - I am WIDE awake right now! I was actually really confused when I woke up because it was daylight when I fell asleep and when I woke up the house was pitch black and it was completely dark out. I thought I had to get ready for work, and then realized what I had done. I am currently on extra strength Tylenol because I have had a bad headache all afternoon. Sucks I know.. but I know why I have it :) ahah I was rocking out to hard last night on the rockband drums and my shoulders and neck are tense from staring at the TV screen so hard and being hunched over the drums. I gotta make sure I am a little more comfortable in the future so I don't deal with this type of an aftermath. I just love Rockband!!! I would love to have it in our house but I doubt our neightbours would appriciate it. I would also need to have some serious skills of singing and drumming at the same time while I'd nag Jay to play guitar with me! He doesn't have the same passion as myself and fellow Rockband jammers ( Megan, Jenna, Kristin etc) So it just wouldn't be the same over here.
We also celebrated Mother's day on Sunday. We went over to Jay's aunt's house. We had a nice dinner with his grandparent's and cousin's. I called my mom after church and wished her a Happy Mother's day and I had a pretty flower arrangement delivered to her on Saturday. She said she loved it!
Speaking of Sunday... Wow am I glad it's over. Don't get me wrong I love church but I had to speak in sacrament and teach in Relief Society and I am sooo glad thats over with! I felt slightly over whelmed and I had never spoke in our ward before - so that can be a little nerve racking. Jay spoke too so it was nice to be up on the stand together. I was surprised to see him a little nervous and the way he delivered his talk was so much different than I expected. Jay is very confident in my mind when he talks to anyone about the gospel and very out spoken and easy going with conversations. This is why he was such a successful missionary in my mind. I am more reserved and worried that I know enough to explain it well it enough to non-members/ members. However Jay was so reverent in his talk and seemed a little shy up there. He had a wonderful message, and spoke very well. I was just surprised to not hear him crack a joke or something. Well all in all I think we both did pretty good, but I am sure glad it's over with! YAAAH!


Mark & Emily said...

I know exactly how that feels! haha Just a few weeks ago Mark and I spoke in church, and then I had to conduct as always but also sing in RS. It was definitely a relief when it was all over, but definitely worth it haha.
I also understand the falling asleep in the early evening. I hate that! That's why I try not to do it. I have a very strict sleep schedule or it will mess me up in the morning. Then I would just be miserable for work, and that would be no good! But it can be very tempting to take a nap after getting home from work haha

mum2brady said...

Not a single joke? How unlike my darling nephew ;) I think I'd fall over if I had to talk and teach RS. I sooo hate being up in front of people - WTG :)

My kids will be so excited that someone up there has Rockband - Leslie maybe???

BTW - Jay - I'm sure Max would like a buddy - I'll just bring my vicious clawed bunny (named Angel btw) up to play with your little guy :)

Megan C said...

psssst I tagged you. . . .read my blog to find out!

Blake & Catherine Potter said...

hey good to hear from you!! I added you to my blog if that's okay, its nice to keep in touch that way. Looks like you're doing great, I hope you guys have a good summer. It would have been fun to have you around for sure, but you have to do what's best for you. Keep us updated, love ya!