Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!!.. Happy Birthday!!!!


Our loft style condo

Jay and I with our horses.

Jay riding "Sheriff and me riding "Hope"

My little Chef!

Well as of May 3rd we hit the one year mark! Whoo hoo! Our first year down! We also happened to get married on Megan's birthday. So we celebrated that on Sunday with family. Jay and I headed out to Canmore on Friday night and came home Sunday morning. We stayed at Canmore Crossing. It was nice to get away, and just try to spoil ourselves for the weekend. We had a few hiccup's when we first arrived, not knowing where to check in and than having a room switch too. But we got passed that and still enjoyed ourselves. Friday night we cooked steaks and had an awesome dinner. Jay is quite the Chef! Saturday morning was more or less the highlight of the weekend because we went horse back riding at Rafter's Six Ranch. We were going through hills and forests around the mountains for about an hour and a half. It was so beautiful! For the rest of Saturday we spent time around main street and went out for dinner, and just relaxed for the rest of the evening. Sunday morning we packed up and headed to Jay's parent's and waited for everyone to come home for dinner and Megan's birthday Celebration.

Lots of fun, and pictures to come soon :)


Mark & Emily said...

Hey suzanne, it's Emily...(Mark's wife) haha
Lizzie told mark you had a blog, and I thought I would come leave a comment. The year mark is pretty exciting hey? Ours is in a few weeks. It sounds like you guys had fun. Hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my friends list...feel free to add ours :)
-Emily S

Megan C said...

One year anniversary!! Woot! Woot!! Here's to many more! PS. I'm glad you came to my birthday party.

mum2brady said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Suzanne :) I used to love horseback riding :)

Congrats again! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks and meeting Max :)