Monday, July 21, 2008

Zoo Fun

Jason and I had the oppertunity to go to the Calgary Zoo with Amanda when she was visiting and I wanted to post some pictures. We missed a chunk of animals that I really wanted to see (grizzlies, wolves, cougars etc) all the large Canadian wildlife. However we still saw some beutiful and amazing creatures. Amanda - I'm sad that I don't have any "nice" photos of usat the zoo!

This was a very hard photo to get. I felt so bad for this baby too, the big sister gorilla dropped it and picked it upside down, and rolled it around and around... The poor baby was being mangled!


Mark & Emily said...

haha those are such cool pictures!
Poor baby gorilla, those things are so cute.
You've just made me decide that I need to go to the zoo this summer!

Emily said...

that baby gorilla is SOOOOO stinking cute! poor thing. those are all great pictures. i guess i've seen canadian wildlife too much, because i always avoid that section of the zoo. :) i love going to the zoo though, it's so fun!