Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How terrible

I never thought I'd get so neglectful with my blog! I am not a fan of this. Now I have waited so long it's going to be difficult for me to track the events that have transpired over the last month...

To list a few...
Jemaica's Bridal shower was at the end of July and so was our Ottawa reunion bbq at Edworthy Park. The August long weekend we went out to the cabin in Shuswap with all of Jason's family. We came home for a week after the cabin and went back with my sister and her husband + Jenna, Kara and Bruce. it was a lot of fun both times but they were very different.

Well we're back into the swing of things now and trying to hold onto the beautiful weather we're enjoying in the later part of August. It is kind of sad for me to think that frost will most likely be on the ground in 2+ weeks, at least in the morning before the suns out... A few other exciting things have transpired recently as well but that will have to wait until another post.. or two!

Jem's shower: Nikki, Me, falisha, Megan, Rachael and Jenn. It's so fun to reunite!

Jemaica sporting some of her new presents with a poster I made in the background. We played a game called "Pin the Groom" and I put Troy's head on some WWF guy's body and we pinned little purple flowers on him that were suppose to be boutonnieres.


Mark & Emily said...

A few other things exciting have transpired have they? What might this be? haha
I am right with you in the boat of posting procrastination...you never know what to write after you wait too long! haha
Great pictures :)

mum2brady said...

Yah - I hate second hand news - what happened to me being Jason's favorite auntie - where's my phone call!!!

So happy that this years trip to the lake turned out so well :)