Monday, September 29, 2008

Just in Time!

Well at least I managed to squeeze in another post in the month of September. But like I said in my last post, September didn't give us a chance to slow down. I have been meaning to post these pictures for some time now but Jason has messed around with the computers and recently brought another one home that is currently operating on our dining room table! Errrrr. I have my own lap top that I could work off of but for some reason it can't read an 8GB card and that is what I take all my pictures on because it never seems to run out of space!
A couple weeks ago I went to Lizzie's baby shower. I finally met Laila and she is so cute! I love her hair too. Lizzie got a ton of baby clothes and other cute things, she seriously cashed-in in my mind. Which is good becuase baby's are expensive!
I also had the chance to go to Waterton and Cardston just over a week ago and we attended Treyden's baby blessing. He has gotten so big and is such a smiley guy now. We had a great time down there, and I just love staying in Waterton. It is simply gorgeous in it's natural beauty and Jay and I even got to stay in the same resort lodge that we stayed in on our wedding night, however this time we shared our room with his little sister Kristin :)
Well now we're back and trying to catch up from all the craziness. On the weekend I caught up on what seemed like a year's worth of laundry and it is hanging off of chairs and drying racks all over my house. I can't wait to tackle the rest and organize my home but the time doesn't seem to be available for some reason!!!
Amanda put gel in Treyden's hair and that it why it is sticking up like that. He had the cutest little tux on for his blessing.

Lizzie, Me and Laila. Lizzie looks soo good and I only hope I'm that lucky one day!


Blake and Catherine Potter said...
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Blake and Catherine Potter said...

You look gorgeous! I love your hair, no idea what to do with mine lately, I hate that. Oh well, glad to hear you're doing well and busy, it's better than being bored :) I don't know yet if we're coming, it's my families turn this year but we may go back depending on doctors apn'ts for Benson. It'd be nice to see you tho, it's been forever! Talk soon

Megan C said...

Wow! Lucky you getting to share a room with Kristin. . . hope you didn't pull out the items that were in your wedding bag when you stayed there the first time (wink wink nudge nudge!!)

Mark & Emily said...

I know, lizzie looks so great, you can't even tell she had a baby.
I love laila's little curly girl-fro. She's such a cutie.

Team Kirk said...

Ryan always says, "babies are as expensive or as inexpensive as you make them!" and it's soooo true! You are looking fabulous, the baby really suits you ;) (I read the next post before this one! hehe)

Emily said...

my sister makes me sick! i haven't lost any weight from either baby i've had and she looks like she's never even had one! i hope you are as lucky as her too, although then i'll hate you as well!! :)

mum2brady said...

Awww - look at those cute babies!!! I need one ;)