Thursday, February 12, 2009


Two dramatic experiances I'm going to record here. I think they are experiences I will want to look back on and hopefully laugh at in the nearer future...
The other day Jason and I were at home watching American Idol and I was sitting on a chair across from him with my head turned to the side looking downward at something. Thus my chin was tucked in and squished, giving me a double chin. I know- so lovely aren't they? Not to justify why Jason said what he did, but I obviously wasn't in the most defensive appearance to argue with him. I now quote my sweet and wonderful huband, "Oh baby, your face is just getting SOO ROUND, just like your round belly!"
And the waterworks start.
After calming me down and telling me I'm not fat, but just rounder in the face like my belly I seemed to find the strength to tell him I'll be okay , and I am just emotional. He felt terrible and I wish I didn't start balling, but the hormones take over most of the time, or all the time! I must give him credit, he did everything he could to fix what he said and try to make me feel better, but next time he just needs to bite his tongue. Later that evening he was looking at me and said "my you have such a chiseled jaw line." Again I'll give him credit for trying...
On top of all this, I must mention the serious and unnecessary drama we've been dealing with together. Another couple found out about one of the baby names Jason and I feel pretty set on, and have been harassing us about it! In all honesty we had no idea that they wanted this name too. They are due just over a month after we are, and are stuck feeling like the ones copying so to speak, but they live on the other side of town, we never see them and I could care less if they use the same name. I know what it feels like to have someone use a name that you planned on, or loved, but you don't get in their face about it, you can use it too, or just deal with it and pick a different one. However they've been making rude jokes about it, and cheesy threats if we should use it- very immature in my mind. Why should someone have to deal with this sort of garbage when trying to find the right/perfect name for their child!
In the end they will be so wrapped up in their little girl and the joy they find in their own family that they won't be thinking about Jason and I. It's a beautiful name and I can see why they love it too.
I wouldn't mind disclosing it on here, but I think I will save that for the near future when we feel more certain ( I have trouble being 100% about it before she's born) And on top of that it wasn't something I was going to share with the world simply to avoid "name stealing" too. So many people are pregnant right now, and pregnant with little girls especially, there's bound to be over lapping with name choices.
Well I think it is safe to say that I did some good'ol venting in this post- thanks for hearing me out :)


Emily said...

Didn't Jason know that he wasn't EVER supposed to insult a pregnant lady!!!!! :) I totally know how you feel! Even though it's not a huge deal, the tears come in almost any situation!!! Poor Jason, he must have felt awful!! :) And about the name, LAME!!! That's so dumb that they make you guys feel like you're copying! You're totally not. THe ONLY reason they are doing that, is to make themselves feel better, because people are going to think THEY copied when they have their baby after you and use the same name! In any case, who cares if babies have the same name. Unless it's in the same family (which still doesn't really matter) it shouldn't matter at all!! Don't let them make you feel bad!!!! They're definitely being immature!

Megan C said...

Way to go Jason!! Now you've learned!!!

Team Kirk said...

Jasons make up line about the chiseled jaw made me chuckle, he was trying!! hehe. Just for the record I've nver seen you not look stunning and I think pregnant women are beautiful anyway so I can't imagine you not looking great! As for the baby name thing that makes me cross, I want to bop the other couple on the nose! You name your baby what you want regardless of anyone else, there will probably be a little girl with the same name when they start school anyway... names aren't exclusive!