Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

Before I forget I wanted to journal my thoughts and feelings from Valentines Day.
Jason and I had the opportunity to attend the temple. Anytime I attend the temple I like to record my thoughts, feelings and experiences. It was so nice to be there, and I'm sad to say that it had been a little too long since our last visit. Ironically though we didn't drive down together or do a session together. Jason was with the Young Men and Women and I was with my sister. Either way we both participated in a great work.
It was wonderful to drive down with Jenn, and be together in the temple. I had such a peaceful experience there. My sister thought I was going to pass out though because I was so hot , and I felt short of breath the whole time(again being prego does that). I didn't realize I was breathing so loud!
I think I really needed some clarity of mind, and I found that there. Like I described in a previous post that I felt things have been dramatic in my life lately, and I feel I also got a bit petty in the same post as well. Sorry. I just needed to step back, and put things into perspective and I love how going to the temple can do that for us.
Tonight Jason and I are planning to go out for a "belated Valentines Dinner". We were so tired after all the driving that we didn't do too much in the evening. After dinner he is dropping me off to his parent’s house and I am attending the play "Annie" with my sister's in law and mother in law which will be a lot of fun and I am pretty excited.

Last but not least, please- if any of you read this and haven't noticed my post about going private, please add your email address to the comments section. I'm still waiting a little longer but want to set it up soon. Thanks.


Freeda said...

going to the temple is so great! what a perfect thing to do on valentine's day! with or without your husband! :) i totally hear you on being pregnant during a session!! i always get so hot and feel like i'm going to pass out! so much up and down!

Megan C said...

How is it that Amanda and Dayln, us and you guys were all down in Cardston on Saturday and we didn't even end up doing anything together??? Hilarious!!! It was fun going to see Annie with you last night! Soooo much fun!