Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Swear I'm NOT Pregnant!

I have been suffering the affects for quite some time though, or the aftermath I guess. I have done some pretty bizarre things or stupid things in the last year or so, that have been so embarrassing. I can't tell you how many dates I have messed up. I never know what day it is, or when things are. I have been severely handicapped without my Outlook in front of me the way it was at work a year ago. I don't have alarms that announce a meeting request, events, or appointments, and I've only learned too slowly how MUCH I depended on it. However, since I took the liberty of hanging a calendar on my kitchen wall things have improved slightly, but it took my long enough to realize I needed a stupid calendar!
I'm sorry for all the visiting teaching appointment I have messed up or forgotten about. I'm sorry for standing up my dentist last spring. I'm sorry for missing my roommates baby shower. If you had a birthday in the last year and didn't hear from me when you feel you should have... I'm sorry!
Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself and my absent mind otherwise I will cry more than I already do and live in a bubble or stress and negativity. I just don't put myself first anymore! Well at least rarely. My time is spent on thinking of a baby's schedule, how to manage time to clean my house, get groceries, preparing lessons and activities, feeding my family and anything else that should require my time. And that may not seem like a lengthy list there, but throw in nursing, and messed up/ lack of sleep and it's an intense one at that.

Lately, or the past few days I have had a couple of those lingering "prego brain" moments:

  • Got home from the gym and I was trying to dodge muddy puddles in the parking lot as to not soil my clean runners, only to notice I should be wearing my winter boots instead - Yes I walked right past them, leaving them at the lockers on my way out!
  • went shopping for my sister's birthday and was trying to find a waffle iron, only I pronounced it affle wiron (Amanda caught that and had a good laugh)
  • Was at Superstore yesterday and couldn't find the card aisle?? Searched forever and then gave up.
  • Gave Brooklynn a bath last night only to notice when I dunked her in she was still wearing socks!
  • Oh and here's a real goodie - went out a week ago and realized I forgot to wear a bra!!! Luckily I wore a sweater... (thanks for the friendly reminder Jen and letting me confide in you with my stupidity)

Those are just a few to mention, and I'm sure I'll be able to add more to this list before the week ends!


Elizabeth said...

HAHAHAHA! Putting Brookylnn in the bathtub with Socks??? That is funny!! I too also have to have a calendar in my kitchen so I know what day it is and see when my appointments are. I think having kids only make us stupider!!

Jen Low said...

- I showed up for Charlotte's year checkup exactly one month early.
- I've had Charlotte's immunization appointment on the calendar for a month. I looked at it the night before the 8:30 am appointment. Somehow from the time I went to bed, to the time I woke I completely forgot about her appointment.
- I constantly forget to tell Dave about many important events/issues/etc.
- while getting ready for bed I put Charlotte's bum cream on my FACE instead of my lotion.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has lost her mind.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Suzanne - and Jen (just read her comment) It cracks me up that you two actually keep TRACK of what you do that is silly. I gave up keeping track a couple years ago and never looked back (partly because I probably forgot =] ) I still do silly stuff all the time - and Brian will be able to give you a much better list about it than I will, hmmm. just had a thought - maybe I am just in the advanced stages of this mama brain problem. I do silly things and don't even remember them anymore. yikes. well at leat it doesn't cause me any stress. Suzanne - I totally did the no bra thing once - but I wasn't wearing a sweater. whoooops! When your nursing sometimes it just happens...

Adorable post. Don't worry - you're not alone. Not by a long shot!

Megan said...

These made me laugh so hard Suzanne! I loved it!