Friday, October 15, 2010


Before we put Brooklynn to bed we really try with our best efforts to do family prayers or if Jason isn't home I try to do a quick one with Brooklynn in my arms. More often than not she is squirming pointing at books or Max or something to distract me from what she knows is the inevitable (going to bed). Don't get me wrong, she's a good sleeper and goes to bed pretty well but she really tries to milk her awake time for all it's worth, and would love one more story after another, or a silly bedtime song. I love this time with her usually but sometimes it's a little overwhelming if it's late or been a long day.
Tonight was a good night in particular. We watched Sesame Street videos on Youtube, brushed our teeth, and washed up. After a quick diaper change and slipping into her jammies I asked her if we could say prayers. She immediately got distracted with something else until I said, "can you say prayers?" She just smiled and repeated a quick but perfect little prayer word for word and it was the most perfect part of my day.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so adorable. She is getting to such a fun age. The precious moments just keep coming the more they learn to talk. There really is nothing more rewarding than this, eh?

Megan C said...

So cute!