Monday, November 14, 2011

A Simple Day but One Worth Blogg'n About

We've been at home and inside a bit lately but I don't have other options right now because it is crunch time to get this house done already.  I finished sanding the kitchen cabinets today- finally! HOORAY :D !!! (yes we have been living in a kitchen with no cabinet doors for a month and I feel like Jerry Seinfeld sometimes)
I have loathed working on them for so long now and just as the end was in sight I had this new burst of energy all of a sudden and now they are done and they can be painted.   I think they will look really good.  I must admit though, I HATE honey oak.  I hate oak trim, cabinets, and anything that resembles that yellow, grainy, shiny oak wood colour.  Its the hardest thing to strip and update you home's look with.

So back to the "being inside lately" part.  Well today was just that and not only have we been home all day, we've eaten breakfast foods for all three meals! I had planned on making stir fry for dinner but Brooklynn wanted banana pancakes instead.  She won!

This morning started off on a really sweet note- literally.  Brooklynn went into Liv's room when she woke up because she heard her crying.  Jason and I were still lying in bed when all of a sudden Brooklynn bursts out singing "I love to see the temple"!  My heart melted (and Jason's) as we heard our oldest girl sing her little sister a primary song to make her feel happy and got her to stop crying by doing so.  I could hear them laughing and giggling together and then Brooklynn said, "bye bye Liv!" and then she started screaming again so Brooklynn runs back in there and starts singing "I am a Child of God" and then tells Alivia to put on her happy face- that made us laugh!  I just can't get enough of seeing these two interact together. I LOVE having two girls.  Having sisters myself made me so exited to find out we were having another girl.  Seeing them develop a relationship so young really makes me excited for the type of friends they will be as time goes on.

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