Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stop and Reflect more often!

It really makes you reflect and think about your life when you see changes in someone else's, for bad or good... I wish I didn't have to compare myself to others to realize that I am soo blessed! I wish I was consciously aware of it all the time, and that I was always happy!
I just want to say that I am soo thankful for the gospel in my life, and for the understanding it gives me. That I am able to utilize the councels and teachings I read about in the scriptures into my life. I am so greatful for my Savior and for the amazing examplar He was. I feel like I am soo far from perfection but I am greatful to be able turn to him for support and help in this life at anytime I need it. Although I just wish I remebered to do this more frequently!
I recently found out that a friend of mine is going through a divorce and is currently separated from her husband. She and her husband got married a month after Jay and I. (It is easy to compare yourself to other newly weds because we're kinda in the same league) I thought she lived such a wonderful life, she's gorgeous, thin, good career, cute home, happy marriage, and she is soo sweet. Was I too quick to judge this though? I feel like it. I feel guilty almost, that I assumed this but she wasn't as happy as I thought. The things that have been going on in her personal life are more than I would ever want to imagine and go through in mine. My prayers are with her and her husband. I hope that things will work out for them that they will find happiness again in this life. And I know they can. It just lets me think that you never know what people are going through or how they are feeling inside. I need to be a more kind and less judging. I need to be more greatful for what I have and never take my husband, family and friends for granted. My relationships with them are precious and a true blessing. I need to have a greater love for my fellow men and not assume that they don't hurt like I can, and suffer pain and sorrow. We need to uplift one another continually! I hope that I may have more oppertunity to do that, to be a better friend and neighbour to those that surround me.
I blogged this as a sort of reminder, sometimes I think I need to be chastised in this respect. But I know that I have a testimony of these things too and I hope to live up to those convictions.

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Megan C said...

It is always a shock when people you know get a divorce. . . it always makes me stop and reflect on my own marriage and wonder if there is more that I can do to make sure that my husband is happy so that it doesn't happen to me. Otto and I counted once and we figured out that more than half of the couples that we hung out with when we first got married are now divorced. It's so sad, and it's a real eye opener too.