Monday, April 28, 2008


I really enjoyed my last weekend on April 25th. It was relaxing yet eventful too. Jenn, Justin, Jason and I stayed at the farm in Glenwood. It is soo cute, clean and just pretty out there. I love the peacefulness and stillness of the area too. We drove down Friday around dinner time and got there just after 9pm. We watched 3 episodes of The Office, and then got ready for bed. We had to get up real early because Jay had to meet the Young Men at the temple in Cardston for 8am. I was sort of dreading having to get up that early but in the end I loved being able to be finished at 10am. Everyone else in the session was so old, I guess those early birds like to go at that time too :) I just enjoyed my time there, and feeling such a wonderful spirit.

We left around 10:30 and headed straight for the 7 eleven in Clareholm for some fried chicken!! We listend to Jay's country mix the whole way there and back... I wonder if that was torture for Justin or not.... haha

Jay and I slept most of the afternoon when we got home, then picked up Max from Megan's house. He loves going there soo much to see Zeek, and when we bring him home he mopes around for the rest of the day because he misses his buddy! They are so cute together!

Well I am very happy that we have had the oppertunity to go to the temple 2 months in a row now - we want to keep going regularly, and it is my hope that we can do so. Here are some pictures, enjoy :)

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Megan C said...

Yay!! You created some more posts. . . LOVE them!! I'm so glad you got to go down to the farm too, it's one of my most favorite places. Zeke loves Max too. . . he was soooo sad when Max left.