Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Max Has a New Friend!!

When I got home from work today I took my driver head cover and started attacking Max with it (play fighting). He was having a blast so when I got bored I just let him run around with the stuffed animal and attack it himself. I then decided that I didn't want his goober all over it and placed it back on my golf club. Well Max didn't like this very much because he wasn't done playing with his new friend... He proceeded to rescue his friend from the top of my golf bag! YES he jumped on the lower pocket and made his way up the bag! Hes just so stinkin cute - We love our little guy!


Megan C said...

It's too bad they won't let dogs on the golf courses or else Max could become a golfer like you and Jay!

mum2brady said...

awwww - he is such a cutie!

mum2brady said...

p.s. Happy Anniversary!