Thursday, November 27, 2008

Half way there!

Today we went for our second ultrasound, and we're 20 1/2 weeks along. Things were very postive and we have some cute photos of our little one. We DID find out what we are having but I am not going to disclose it on here... atleast yet. I'm trying my hardest to not let my dad find out because he is a little old fashion (not that that's a BAD thing!) I respect those who can wait it out. However he thinks we've missed out on some of the surprise because we know before the baby is born. Well it was a shock either way but personally I feel like I know more about my baby and can move forward with narrowing down names we like, and all the preparations. Maybe if my dad gives in and decides that he will join in on the early celebration of finding out what our baby is I'll post more details. Till then I'm making my best efforts to keep it more of a secret.

We took this photo this morning just before we left. Just before we found out!!!


The Selks said... look AMAZING!! I would of never of guessed you look 20 weeks pregnant! I'm very excited about your news! I hope the rest of your pregnancy flies by for you!

Megan C said...

YAY!! I am soooo excited!!! Wait. . . your dad doesn't read my blog does he? Can I post what you are having??? I have been good so far!

KandyJill said...

Suzanne you are SO cute! You seriously look sooo good too! I can't wait to follow the progress of your little one :D

Emily said...

you look so cute!! i can't wait to see your litte belly grow!! good for you for keeping the secret in!! we found out what we were having the first time and never told a soul! it was hard, but fun!! i'm dying of curiousity though!!! so i can't wait to find out what you're having! either way, he or she is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!

mum2brady said...

Cute new pics of your cutie pie - and you look GREAT!!!! Sorry we haven't had a chance to call back yet - it was a whirlwind visit with that old lady in Utah :) We had a great time - but I'll be calling you soon - I love FIRST hand news :) Of course I'm excited either way... but I do soooo love "pink" babies - they're so much more fun to shop for..... Keeping my fingers crossed!!!