Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Camera Action

Random pic update for your enjoyment. We hope you are all getting in the Christmas spirit. We send our love :)
Mom is happy because I am about to go to bed...

"Oh Picture time!"
"Hi Family, I miss you"

"I am sooo excited for Christmas, aren't you?"

'Ugh, how many more pictures?"

Future Prima Ballerina

Quick wardrobe change, she puked on her shirt.

"Did you do your scripture study today"?

Max sleeping under the tree.

Max loves the camera too.


Brett and Nette said...

She has such beautiful blue eyes! She is way cute!

Elizabeth said...

hahaha.. I love all the captions for all your pictures!! Brooklynn is adorable!! She does have the most beautiful blue eyes!

Lisa said...

She is even trying to point her toes in her ballerina outfit!!