Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas Morning, excited and waiting to open presents!

It's 8:30am here on Christmas morning. It's just Brooklynn and I awake right now and we're waiting for Dad to come out and open presents with us! We had a great Christmas Eve with lots of family. There were 45 people to share dinner with which was hosted by Jason's Aunt and Uncle. Brooklynn looked as cute as ever, and we're so greatful to have her in our family this year to share this wonderful season. I can't wait until she understands Santa!

I hope all of you enjoy family, and the celebrations of this season, and remember the true meaning, which is none other then the birth of our Savior and that he came into the world for the sake of us having eternal life. I'm so thankful for my family and the great joy and wonderful blessings they are to share this life with.

Hope you all enjoyed your day, Merry Christmas :)

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Elizabeth said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like Christmas was great for your family! It's so sad it goes so quickly!! I wish Christmas eve would last longer......the excitement in opening gifts is so muh fun!