Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meggie Bear

Since Alivia has been born I have had a lot of extra help here and there with Brooklynn. It's hard for me to entertain her, and I feel like I have been a lazy mom when it comes to being fun and energetic enough to keep her from going insane in our little home.
Auntie Megan picked Brooklynn up last Saturday and took her out on a "girls date" with her girls and Auntie Kristin. I heard Brooklynn had the time of her life at the mall and she even went to Build-a-Bear! So Brooklynn now has a little "Meggie Bear" and she loves it. Megan you set the bar pretty high when it comes to being a fun and upbeat mama!

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Megan C said...

Look at how sweet my Brooklynn is!!!! I sure love her! We had so much fun with her at Build a Bear! I am already planning my next date with her!