Thursday, February 2, 2012


Wow, 2011 you were a tough and rewarding year for us.  I am grateful for some of the things and MAJOR blessings that came to us in this year but I won't miss it...

It was a year for growth and change.  My brand new baby grew to be a walking ray of sunshine full of zest and spice.  My little Brooklynn has grown to be a bright, inquisitive, hilarious little girl.  My husband graduated and started the road to an MBA. Our family dynamic really grew and changed in leaps and bounds through the duration of 2011. 

In hindsight I wonder how I managed sometimes... the moves, the limboness, the stress, the lack of sleep, the lack of schedules, the mess, the clutter, being SO busy, the renos... Well somehow WE DID manage and for that I am grateful because those were the things we grew from and found our lives to be SO blessed from.  We grew from many trials :)

2012 has started off in a much better place.  I am incredibly grateful each day for what life has offered us in the now.  I am so much happier than I have been in my life in a VERY long time.  Lately I've found myself realizing more and more just how miserable I was for so long :(  That is sad to think about but when I say miserable I mean I was dealing with some depression, boredom, frustration, and postpartum.  I was feeling stuck, over whelmed and unhealthy.  I don't think a lot of people who know me even REALLY well would have caught on to that and that's because I didn't quite catch on to it.  A year ago, spending winter in the Hamlet with a newborn and a toddler, squished in our tiny apartment was VERY hard for me.  I think my living circumstances played a huge part in the way I felt then.  I can seriously say that I have taken a new lease on life.  I am so much more out going, I love housework like I have never loved/ liked it before, I enjoy cooking more, I relax more, I sleep better and less, I am less bitter and less quick to anger, I simply enjoy life in a whole new way!

So 2012, I DO have high hopes for you, that this year will be full, healthy and rewarding.  I have anticipations for you that I am hopeful and excited for.  I even started the first week off in January with a lot of healthy eating and a very strict diet.  I want to be much more active this year, healthier and just have a lot more FUN.

What are your resolutions?
Oh, and Happy 2012 Everyone :)


Elizabeth said...

That is so sad Suzanne! I am so glad that you able to finally realized this and can now look forward to things in life. I love a new start to the year cause I can set new goals for myself and family. This year I did not set goals for myself but as a family I did. Doing fhe every Monday and levi and I doing family history together. It's been great and I feel like we are a happier family because of it! Happy New year!

Bill said...

Its very interesting how tasting the sour makes the sweet so much more enjoyable. Glad to hear things are better for you Zanny. Mom and I are ever impressed with the way you have adapted to being a mother, finding many solutions to your challenges on your own. We are very of you as a mom, wife, sister and daughter. We just wish we could see you and the girls more often and want more blog photos. Give the girls a hug and kiss from Grandpa Bill.

Lots of love