Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Catch Up and Picture Overload

I am a little behind with my blogging that's for sure. I love when I can keep on top of it because when time passes for a while and a lot of things have happened in our busy lives I feel overwhelmed with my next post. I know I've started other posts off with the same spiel, so here we go again...
Our family is doing great and really enjoying the summer thus far. We recently returned from our first summer getaway which was out in Shuswap, there we celebrated a Happy Canada Day and Independence Day. It was our first little road trip/ vacation with Brooklynn too. Not to brag here but she is such a dream baby! She did so well on the long drives and with her sleeping and feeding schedules. I'm a proud mom that's for sure. Let's hope I haven't jinxed anything for our next trip out there at the end of the month (finger's crossed).
Turns out I haven't forgotten how to wake board either. I thought I would be worst off since I'm still a little out of shape from being prego and all, but I was actually better this year than previous years.
On Monday I celebrated my birthday. Jason organized a get together with some friends and family at his parents house for a BBQ and cake. I am now 25... Yep quarter of a century and I can't believe how quick these years fly by! Sometimes it really feels like it was only yesterday that I moved out to Calgary just before my 21st birthday, and here I am over four years later and I am married, have a mortgage, and a baby who's almost 3 months old. I can't wait to see what the next four years will bring :)
Last but not least I have to make a note at how special of a Birthday it really was. Jason managed to get me tickets to fly home at the end of July to see my family. Brooklynn and I will be there for almost 2 whole weeks. I am so excited and I know they are thrilled to finally see her again. It is so hard to be far a part from them, especially now with a child. I will miss Jason so much but I am so grateful at the same time. I don't know who he'll manage being away from his little girl that long. I haven't even been away from him longer than a couple days at a time, and that rarely happens. It will be interesting to see how we manage, or if we can!

She was such an angel the WHOLE way and it's a five hour drive. I'm not even this well behaved!
First time in a life jacket, and ready to go on her first boat ride. She looks like a hot-dog in a bun.

Just chill'n with her daddy

Just one of her many daytime snoozes. I have to laugh every time she falls asleep in the Bumbo but then I feel bad because that can't be too comfortable at all.

Playtime with her cousin, Treyden. He was only 3 weeks old last year out at the cabin. They grow up soo fast!

Grandpa Lee (Murray) was nice to lend his hat on this sunny day.

Look at all her cousins!

Happy Canada Day!

Enjoying some time on the dock in the evening while Brooklynn takes one of her many snoozes.

My pathetic excuse for getting some "air" on the wake...

Jason's "air"....


Ha! While we were at Jay's parent's house Charlotte and Brooklynn needed a little snooze before bedtime. They had there first sleepover. We decided to call it a napover though. Aww Bff!

Brooklynn with 2 of her fav Aunties.

Brooklynn's facial expressions kill me sometimes. I love my family :)

When Jason and I came home from the celebrations at his parent's house we discovered that while we were out someone had mysteriously filled out home with balloons, it looked so cool.

My 25 balloons. Thanks Jenny!.

Look at this BIG girl!


Elizabeth said...

Awesome Post Suzanne!! Cute family!! I love all the swimsuit pictures!! She is getting so big now! I also have to say that her sleeping in that bumbo is so funny! She looks adorable in all your pictures!!! PLus Happy 25th Birthday!! I hope you had a great day!

Lisa said...

She looks so grown up sitting in her chair!!

Jen Low said...

I love the napover. There needs to be plenty more where that comes from. There might even be some times when you and I need a napover ourselves!

Jemaica said...

I loved all the pictures Suzanne, Brooklyn is just way too cute. I laughed out loud when I saw the one of her asleep in he bumbo! Haha too funny! Looks like you guys are having an awesome summer. I wish we could enjoy it together!

P.S. You look fantastic!

Jemaica said...

Oh ya and HAPPY 25th Birthday!! Can you believe how fast time goes?? I'm just a few months behind you! I swear I'm still 18!