Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recent Happenings in 2011

I have a lot to catch up, there will be some detailed posts to come but my life is SO busy with two babies. One is on the move more than ever and the other one is smiling and watching her big sister wreak havoc, wishing she could join in on the fun!

We had a great New Years. It was perfect for me in the sense I saw lots of friendly faces and had some good laughs, but was able to still take it easy with my brand new baby. We played some fun games and had lots of yummy food at my in laws house. Jenna and Cam came down from Edmonton and we joined most of our mutual married couple friends together to ring in the New Year. It really turned out great.

Since then Jason has been busy with school. I can't believe he graduates in a matter of weeks. We are trying to figure out what lies ahead for us. More school? Work? Moving? Who knows? I really wish I did! Being in limbo is our life story over and over again. He is a hard worker though and deserves much credit. As I was helping him get his resume together I realized very quickly how accomplished he is and how hard working he is. I am a lucky girl. I really am.

Brooklynn has been doing pretty good. We've managed to stay clear for the most part of flu season as there really were some nasty bugs floating around. The worst was an annoying head cold, but no fevers and that made me a little more relaxed. Her hair is finally long enough for me to squeeze in a teeny tiny ponytail, or two wee little pig tails. At first she hated me touching her hair but now she looks forward to it as long as she can sit on the counter and play with her toothbrush and running tap water. Not a bad trade for a mom who's been DYING to do that little girl's hair! She is such a smart cookie too. It amazes me how quick she is. She loves to sing (her favs include I love to See the Temple, You are My Sunshine, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald, and many more!) When I have to nurse Alivia it's been a great to keep occupied with lots of singing together. We climb into my bed and she rolls around requesting songs. She knows the alphabet perfectly and can count to 13 or 14 and then she just starts saying random #'s. I'm just so grateful that she loves to learn and is so curious. Another thing she is obsessed with are buckles, clips, and zippers. Nana thinks she has a little "engineer brain", I guess time will tell. Another milestone is that we got rid of the binky! That was very huge in itself and was soo much easier than I anticipated. What's on the horizon? Potty Training. We're going to wait a little bit longer though.

Alivia is growing like a weed, but in length not width. She is a totally different body type than Brooklynn was. She is very long and kinda slim but has a good layer of pudge to keep her warm. She is such a smiley baby. She is beautiful and has been such a joy in my life. I love to cuddle her and make her giggle. I don't want her to ever think that life hasn't been just as rewarding and exciting or full of love as it was with the first one. I just don't have enough time to blog about motherhood at this stage in life as I did with Brooklynn. Every baby is different and she has brought her own love and joy to share with me and I'm so grateful. She makes me want to do it all over again (when the time is right!) because she has made me so happy to be her mom. She discovered her hands recently and pulls her binky out so she can suck on them. She even got a little grip on her new Sophie giraffe that Grandpa Bill bought for her. She fits into 3 month and 6 month sleepers right now because she is so long. Jason's hoping she'll make a good bball player. I'm sure they both will.

As for me and my life? Well it has been so blessed and so tiring. I had my mom come out just over a month ago and she was here for 12 days. Bless her heart. She is a trooper. She got up with Brooklynn every morning and let me take naps whenever I wanted. She cooked lots of healthy food for us and was a great support when I needed her the most, ie: 3 & 4 am when Alivia had the worst colic and wouldn't stop crying. My mom slept on the couch with me and was the support I needed because I was losing my mind. I was lucky to have my dad come just over a week ago and that was great too. I love seeing him with my little girls. We were really spoiled while he was here too. I wish so badly they were closer but truly cherish opportunities to see them when I can.

I'll get some pictures up when I have more time but I have to run and try to sneak in a nap in.

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